S1101 Chi, Shirley Y. Grade 9, Orange County
Do the Chemicals Produced by Eucalyptus Leaves Inhibit Bacterial Growth?
Advisor: Ms. Marilyn Groover
School: Canyon High School, Anaheim
S1102 Davis, Scott E. Grade 11, Humboldt County
Mutation Rates of E. coli Bacteria: A Search for Mutagens
Advisor: Mr. Jim Welsh
School: McKinleyville High School, McKinleyville
S1103 De Vere, Paul Grade 10, Kern County
Atmospheric Effects on Bacteria
Advisor: Mr. Dwight Morgan
School: Burroughs (Sherman E.) High School, Ridgecrest
S1104 Knight, Jackie Ni Grade 11, San Bernardino County
The Antibiotic Effect of Garlic Juice on Bacteria and Mold
Advisor: Mr. Richard Piercy
School: Yucaipa High School, Yucaipa
S1105 Laymon, Lona N. Grade 10, San Bernardino County
Can a Relationship Between O.D. of an E. coli Culture and the Number of Bacterial Cells be Established?
Advisor: Mr. Roger Sadler
School: Redlands Senior High School, Redlands
S1106 Le, Phuc T. Grade 10, San Diego County
Effect of Insecticides and Herbicides on Soil Bacteria
Advisor: Mr. Delbert Cote
School: Chula Vista Senior High School, Chula Vista
S1107 Mak, Ceayee Grade 9, Monterey County
Through Aerosolization Bacteria Spreads Out of the Toilet Into the Air
Advisor: Mr. Robert Grove
School: North Salinas High School, Salinas
S1108 Nguyen, Yen Vu An Grade 10, Orange County
Antimicrobial Activities in Seeds?
Advisor: Mrs. Nancy Custer
School: Valley High School, Santa Ana
S1109 Phillips, Katy A. Grade 10, Kern County
The Influence of Physical Form of Starch on Biogas Production by Rumen Microorganisms
Advisor: Ms. Christine Harlander
School: Arvin High School, Arvin
S1110 Pyle, Heath R. Grade 10, San Bernardino County
The Reaction of Pharmaceium Contractile Vacuoles to Sugar
Advisor: Mr. Richard Piercy
School: Yucaipa High School, Yucaipa
S1111 Ricketson, Cara Grade 9, Monterey County
It's the Little Things that Count
Advisor: Mr. Gary Avedisian
School: Pacific Grove High School, Pacific Grove
S1112 Shultz, Thomas R. Grade 11, Monterey County
Determining the Genetic Difference Between Two Strains of E. coli
Advisor: Ms. Pamela Miller
School: Seaside High School, Fort Ord
S1113 Wakabayashi, Ken T. Grade 9, Orange County
Efficiency of Bacterial Transformation with Sodium Chloride Thermal Heatshock
Advisor: Ms. Sharon Writer
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park
S1114 Whitehead, Kenia L. Grade 11, San Diego County
The Effect of Ultraviolet Light Type B on the Light Harvesting Capabilities of the Euglena
Advisor: Mr. Greg Mitchell
School: Gompers (Samuel) Secondary School, San Diego
S1115 de Bruin, Michiel A. Grade 10, Santa Barbara County
Does Ultrasound Affect Bacterial Growth?
Advisor: Sr. Michele McQueeney
School: Bishop Garcia Diego High School, Santa Barbara
S1196 Lin, Janet C. Grade 10, Orange County
Prejudice: Is It Black versus White?
Advisor: Mr. Peter Feher
School: Foothill High School, Santa Ana
S1197 Sikora, Roshana Grade 9, Los Angeles County
Do Different Types of Water Affect the Function of Contractive Vacuoles in Paramecium?
Advisor: Ms. Susie Todd
School: Dodson (Rudecinda Sepulveda) Middle School, Rancho Palos Verdes

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