S1501 Chen, Kimball Grade 9, San Bernardino County
What Color Do Crickets Prefer?
Advisor: Mr. Steve Walker
School: Cope Junior High School, Redlands
S1502 Christiansen, Jennifer C. Grade 12, Orange County
Spermatophore Digestion in Monarch Butterflies: Does It Happen? Phase 1: Establishing Standards
Advisor: Mr. Stan Cowen
School: Garden Grove High School, Garden Grove
S1503 Cortez, Amanda L. Grade 9, Riverside County
Chemosensitivity of a Fly
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Chalk
School: Canyon Springs High School, Moreno Valley
S1504 Damm, Darlene M. Grade 9, San Luis Obispo County
What is the Most Effective Repellent in Preventing Deer from Eating Park Hill Gardens?
Advisor: Ms. Linda Badzioch
School: Coast Union High School, Cambria
S1505 Gove, Amber K. Grade 10, San Diego County
Sea Anemones: Size versus Reaction Time
Advisor: Ms. Stephanie Baron
School: Henry (Patrick) High School, San Diego
S1506 Gutierrez, Edgar M. Grade 11, San Diego County
Tracing the Origin of Cerithidea californica: A Population Genetics Study
Advisor: Mr. Stephen Rodecker
School: Chula Vista Senior High School, Chula Vista
S1507 Hagedorn, Gregory A. Grade 10, Siskiyou County
Marsh Malady: Avian Botulism's Impact on Waterfowl Survival
Advisor: Mr. Jim McGuire
School: Tulelake High School, Tulelake
S1508 Hertz, Trish A. Grade 10, Kern County
Ants: Nature's Pathfinder
Advisor: Mr. Thomas Cormack
School: Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella
S1509 Jones, Samuel H. Grade 11, Monterey County
Lottia gigantea's Mysterious Bulldozing Lifestyle
Advisor: Ms. Pamela Miller
School: Seaside High School, Fort Ord
S1510 Law, Jor T. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Do EMFs Affect Planaria?
Advisor: Ms. Cathy Lawrence
School: Campbell Hall School, North Hollywood
S1511 Lee, Cin-Ty A. Grade 11, Riverside County
How Does Avian Diversity Relate to the Physiogonomy of an Urban Habitat in Southern California During Winter?
Advisor: Mr. Ron Crandall
School: North (John Wesley) High School, Riverside
S1512 Levell, Adam J. Grade 10, San Diego County
The Effect of Vitamin C on Copper Toxicity
Advisor: Mr. Jay Rubin
School: Gompers (Samuel) Secondary School, San Diego
S1513 McKune, Jerry J. Grade 12, Fresno County
California Estuary Toxins: Effects on Rate of Development in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Garabedian
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno
S1514 Moyer, Deborah M. Grade 11, San Diego County
The Effect of Salinity on Sea Urchin's Oxygen Intake
Advisor: Lee Decker
School: Gompers (Samuel) Secondary School, San Diego
S1515 Pedersen, Harry K. Grade 12, San Diego County
Altered Rates of Nematocyst/Spirocyst Discharge in Anthopleura xanthogrammica
Advisor: Mr. Larry Nordell
School: Mount Miguel High School, Spring Valley
S1516 Perryman, Bill R. Grade 9, Santa Cruz County
A Fishy Future?
Advisor: Mr. Scott Correa-Mickel
School: Watsonville High School, Watsonville
S1517 Poole, Christie L. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Bacterial Clearance in Sicyonia ingentis in the Absence of Circulating Hemocytes
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills
S1518 Poulos, Heidi M. Grade 9, San Luis Obispo County
Behavior of Red-Shouldered Hawks
Advisor: Ms. Linda Badzioch
School: Coast Union High School, Cambria
S1520 Stiffler, Jared W. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
The Effects of Heavy Metals on Sea Urchin Fertilization
Advisor: Mr. Don Bourque
School: Claremont High School, Claremont
S1521 Tai, Cindy C. Grade 10, Orange County
The Effects of Amino Acids on the Behavior of Mus musculus
Advisor: Mr. Michael Nakaue
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine
S1522 Wong, Miki H. Grade 10, Fresno County
Biological Population Control: Can the Population of Blowflies be Biologically Controlled by Jewell Wasps?
Advisor: Mr. George Dunnicliff
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno

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