J1501 Bowen, Ruth E. Grade 7, Kern County
The Ash Whitefly
Advisor: Ms. Kathleen Padgett
School: Standard Middle School, Bakersfield
J1502 Croll-Donahoe, Rebecca E. Grade 8, Monterey County
Repellents Repel Ants
Advisor: Mr. Craig Hohenberger
School: Carmel Middle School, Carmel
J1503 Dees, Rebekah L. Grade 7, Santa Clara County
Can You Predict Parakeet Color and Sex? A Study in Genetics
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Stonegate Elementary School, San Jose
J1504 Forouzandeh, Sasha S. Grade 7, Santa Barbara County
Natural Ways to Rid Ants
Advisor: Ms. Valerie Thor
School: Marymount Academy, Santa Barbara
J1505 Gallanter, Eden B. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Do Racoons Respond to Color?
Advisor: Ms. Lori Lambertson
School: Nueva Center for Learning, Hillsborough
J1506 Hand, David M. Grade 8, Riverside County
Will Artificial Sweeteners Pass the Hummingbird Taste Test?
Advisor: Mr. Art McMahon
School: Elsinore Middle School, Lake Elsinore
J1507 Harper, Robert T. Grade 8, Kern County
Beneficial Insects, Nature's Insecticide
Advisor: Ms. Martha Mortimer
School: St. Francis School, Bakersfield
J1508 Hilberman, Jessica B. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
The Effect of Temperature on the Metamorphosis of the Painted Lady Butterfly
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Mirman School for Gifted Children, Los Angeles
J1509 Hornsveld, Heidi S. Grade 8, Riverside County
Does a Certain Color of Light Keep Crickets Distant?
Advisor: Mr. James Thomas
School: Margarita Middle School, Temecula
J1510 Ikeda, Kimberly K. Grade 8, Ventura County
Hot Fish, Cold Fish: Respiration in Goldfish
Advisor: Ms. Kathryn Simpson
School: Briggs Elementary School, Santa Paula
J1511 Kocher, Nona H. Grade 8, Monterey County
The Effects of Ultrasound on Ctenocephalides felisicanis
Advisor: Mr. Jack Arnold
School: York (The) School, Monterey
J1512 Meister, Mary A. Grade 8, Imperial County
Whitefly Preference of Agricultural Plants
Advisor: Ms. Emily Claverie
School: McCabe Elementary School, El Centro
J1513 Melonson, Joseph A. Grade 8, Riverside County
Earthworms: How Do They Help Us?
Advisor: Mr. Paul Wakefield
School: Pinacate Middle School, Perris
J1514 Nevins, Andrew I. Grade 8, San Diego County
Bats and Echolocation: Which Object Can Be Detected Most Easily?
Advisor: Ms. Tamara Rasmussen
School: Lewis (Harvey L.) Junior High School, San Diego
J1515 Nguyen, Hanh T. Grade 8, San Diego County
Spider Offspring Web Patterns: A Determination of Genetic Control
Advisor: Mr. Randy L. Borden
School: Bell (Alexander Graham) Junior High School, San Diego
J1516 Pak, Kirk J. Grade 8, Orange County
Are Rodents More Intelligent than Reptiles?
Advisor: Dr. Ralph Bender
School: Brethren Christian Jr/Sr High School, Cypress
J1518 Schuhmann, Gillian R. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Whoo's for Dinner? Does Location Affect the Content of Great Horned Owl Pellets?
Advisor: Mr. Gilbert Ellis
School: Cunha (Manuel F.) Intermediate School, Half Moon Bay
J1519 VanderGiessen, Pete Grade 7, Kern County
Which Food do Birds Prefer?
Advisor: Ms. Shelly Mason
School: El Tejon Elementary School, Lebec
J1520 Weidner, Heather R. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Snail Jails: Impeding the Locomotion of Gastropod Individuals
Advisor: Mr. Scott Trautz
School: Canyon Hills Junior High School, Chino Hills
J1521 Wells, Kevin E. Grade 7, Ventura County
Which are More Intelligent: Male or Female Rattus novegicus?
Advisor: Mr. David Davidson
School: Rio del Valle Elementary School, Oxnard
J1522 Yamamoto, Christine M. Grade 8, San Mateo County
Insect Activities During the Winter? Yes!
Advisor: Mr. Joseph Zucca
School: St. Joseph's Elementary School, Atherton
J1597 Morgan, Skyler J. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
How Temperature Affects the Breathing Rate of Goldfish
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade Middle School, Chatsworth
J1598 Rode, Aleksandra Grade 8, Siskiyou County
The Effects of Three Environmental Stresses on Goldfish Respiration
Advisor: Mr. Ken Pool
School: Sisson Elementary School, Mt. Shasta
J1599 Sidell, Devin S. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
The Preference of Earthworms to Selected Surfaces
Advisor: Dr. Richard A. Boolootian
School: Mirman School for Gifted Children, Los Angeles

Listings of All Projects and All Students

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