S0501 Boas, Franz E. Grade 9, San Diego County
Cellular Automata Modeling
Advisor: Ms. Shauna Neubauer
School: La Jolla Senior High School, La Jolla
S0502 Chang, Shu-Min Grade 12, Riverside County
Best Fitting Curves
Advisor: Mr. Terry Snell
School: Rubidoux High School, Riverside
S0504 Dutton, Renly A. Grade 10, Ventura County
Artificial Intelligence
Advisor: Ms. Helen Kota
School: Westlake High School, Westlake Village
S0506 Falco, Mark A. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Menu Master: Menuing Without Memory Loss
Advisor: Mr. Koh Ikeda
School: Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School, Los Angeles
S0507 Hallenborg, Eric C. Grade 12, Orange County
The Fastest Bombing Run
Advisor: Mrs. Marilyn Harvey
School: Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo
S0508 Houlton, Davis G. Grade 10, San Diego County
Implementation of A New Cognitive Paradigm Using Visual Technology
Advisor: Mr. Tim Ziegler
School: Morse (Samuel F.B.) Senior High School, San Diego
S0509 Kopf, Christopher J. Grade 12, Monterey County
Mammal Skulls of the Pacific Coast
Advisor: Dale Harrison
School: Seaside High School, Fort Ord
S0510 Pilatowicz, Edward K. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Computer Security: A Security Screen Blanker
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills
S0511 Ross, Andrew M. Grade 12, San Diego County
The Effects of Environment on the Evolution of Fractal Trees
Advisor: Mr. Timothy Towler
School: Gompers (Samuel) Secondary School, San Diego
S0512 Seto, Tyler C. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Quiz Me: A Computer Study Aid
Advisor: Mrs. Midge Kimble
School: Flintridge Preparatory School, La Canada Flintridge
S0513 Taylor, Aaron J. Grade 12, Kern County
Distributed Computing System
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Burroughs (Sherman E.) High School, Ridgecrest
S0514 Williams, Annie S. Grade 10, Kern County
What is a Computer and How Does it Work?
Advisor: Miss Cathleen Colbert
School: Arvin High School, Arvin
S0515 Zuniga, Dagoberto Grade 9, Kern County
From Two Dimensional to Three Dimensional
Advisor: Mrs. Brenda Pendleton
School: Arvin High School, Arvin

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