Engineering Applications

S0701 Acalin, Todd R. Grade 12, Orange County
The Bubbler
Advisor: Mr. Todd Channel
School: Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana
S0702 Bell, Tim A. Grade 10, Kern County
The Effects of Aerodynamics on the Velocity of an Object
Advisor: Mr. Robert Coons
School: Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield
S0703 Blum, Jonathan D. Grade 10, Orange County
The Use of a Variable Bandpass Filter for the Construction of a Guitar Tuner
Advisor: Mr. Michael Nakaue
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine
S0704 Kalalang, Yvonne R. Grade 11, Fresno County
Thermal Pump: Nature's Simplicity
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Garabedian
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno
S0705 Kojima, Makoto Grade 12, Monterey County
Increasing the Head Speed of a Golf Club Utilizing the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Sweet
School: North Salinas High School, Salinas
S0706 Loveless, Jill D. Grade 11, Kern County
Which Material and Structure Would Withstand the Best During an Earthquake?
Advisor: Mr. Randy Coulter
School: Shafter High School, Shafter
S0707 McElhinney, Seth A. Grade 11, San Luis Obispo County
Sound Suppression
Advisor: Mr. Larry Anderson
School: Morro Bay High School, Morro Bay
S0708 Mitchell, Christina R. Grade 9, Los Angeles County
Testing Filaments in a Lightbulb
Advisor: Ms. Nancy Meyers
School: Oakwood Secondary School, North Hollywood
S0709 Riepling, Eric C. Grade 12, Contra Costa County
Energy Conservation
Advisor: Mr. Joe Olenchalk
School: Antioch High School, Antioch
S0710 Sprankle, Matt S. Grade 11, Orange County
Homemade Heat Pipe
Advisor: Mrs. Marilyn Harvey
School: Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo
S0711 Waer, Andrew J. Grade 9, San Diego County
Padding Materials and Shock Attenuation in Baseball Helmets
Advisor: Dr. Danine Ezell
School: Bell (Alexander Graham) Junior High School, San Diego
S0798 Eidson, Tod B. Grade 12, Fresno County
Triple Algorithmic Analysis and Vehicular Progression: Increasing Bidirectional Efficiency
Advisor: Ms. Melissa Macon
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno
S0799 Ochs, Jaimie L. Grade 12, Orange County
How Can IV Apparatus Be Improved?
Advisor: Ms. Cecily Kipe
School: San Clemente High School, San Clemente

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