1993 Category Winners in
Physics & Astronomy

First Place: J1307
Driscoll, Tom A. Grade 8, San Diego County
Blockage of Heat, Light, and Microwaves by Screens
Advisor: Ms. Bobbi Hirschkoff
School: Standley (William H.) Junior High School, San Diego

Second Place: J1304
Cassidy, Jason Grade 8, Contra Costa County
Video Analysis of Cloud Chamber Phenomena
Advisor: Ms. Donna Butler
School: Christ the King Catholic School, Pleasant Hill

Third Place: J1320
Seliner, Andrea L. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Physics of the Bowed String: Defining the Boundaries of Optimal Tone on a String Instrument
Advisor: Ms. Melanie Cowling
School: Townsend (Robert O.) Junior High School, Chino Hills

Honorable Mention: J1301
Avera, Tom B. Grade 8, Orange County
Will Magnets Reduce Friction?
Advisor: Ms. Cathy Barnes
School: St. Hedwig Elementary School, Los Alamitos

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