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J0301 Abalos, Ann M. Grade 8, Kern County
Does Microwave Treatment Make Fruits Sweeter?
Advisor: Ms. Laurie Fedorsin
School: Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Bakersfield
J0302 Bednarski, Nicole E. Grade 8, Ventura County
Dialysis: What Conditions are Best for the Process?
Advisor: Mrs. Paulette Surdzial
School: La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks
J0303 Campos, Lorez J. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Glucose Metabolism and Carbon Dioxide Production in Yeast
Advisor: Mr. Peter Judson
School: Ramona Convent Secondary School, Alhambra
J0304 Foster, Meredith R. Grade 7, Kern County
Soft Drinks and Tooth Decay
Advisor: Mrs. Rebecca Miller
School: Rosedale Middle School, Bakersfield
J0305 Husain, Hatim Grade 8, Orange County
Watch the Starch: Salivary Amylase
Advisor: Ms. Noreen Williams
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim
J0306 Kwock, Lindsay A. Grade 8, Fresno County
Ethanol and Motor Vehicles Do Mix?
Advisor: Mrs. Brenda Read
School: Kastner Intermediate School, Fresno
J0307 Phillips, Joshua R. Grade 8, Riverside County
Enzymes in Animal Tissue: Study of Catalyse in Beef and Chicken Tissue
Advisor: Mr. Anthony Poletti
School: Corona Fundamental Intermediate School, Corona
J0308 Shah, Shalini S. Grade 7, Riverside County
Pick Your Fats Wisely for your Heart
Advisor: Mrs. Colleen Ferguson
School: Palm (The) Valley School, Rancho Mirage
J0309 Stocks, Jessica L. Grade 7, Fresno County
Investigating the Relationship of Saliva pH to Tooth Decay
Advisor: Mr. Steven Bell
School: Fairmont Elementary School, Sanger
J0310 Warner, Garrie T. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Starch Digestion in Carnivorous Plants
Advisor: Mr. William Cotter
School: St. Charles Elementary School, San Carlos
J0311 Yorizane, Stephanie Y. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Colony Transformation of E. coli with Plasmid DNA
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Soule
School: Brightwood Elementary School, Monterey Park

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