Physics & Astronomy

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J1201 Bair, Michael S. Grade 7, Kern County
Specific Heat of Metals
Advisor: Mrs. Patricia Abbasi
School: St. Francis School, Bakersfield
J1202 Carr, Kimberly M. Grade 7, San Mateo County
The Effectiveness of Sunscreens
Advisor: Dr. Royal Ingersoll
School: Crystal Springs Uplands School, Hillsborough
J1203 Chang, Jennifer I. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
The Power of Light: Refraction through Different Solutions
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Soule
School: Brightwood Elementary School, Monterey Park
J1204 Chen, Bonnie G. Grade 8, Orange County
Which Type of Material is Best for Heat Conservation?
Advisor: Mr. Steve Goldzman
School: Hewes Middle School, Santa Ana
J1205 Cope, Nathan D. Grade 7, Kern County
The Optimum Angle for the Maximum Distance Traveled by a Dart
Advisor: Mrs. Martha Ditter
School: Murray Junior High School, Ridgecrest
J1206 Gergurich, Benjamin W. Grade 7, San Diego County
Can Solid Wastes be Used as Insulators?
Advisor: Ms. Patricia Kapov
School: St. Patrick's Elementary School, San Diego
J1207 Hardy, Jason R. Grade 7, San Diego County
Solar Collectors: A Comparison Study of PVC, Copper, and Rubber
Advisor: Mrs. Nina Kurtz
School: School of the Madeleine, San Diego
J1208 Hatch, Stephen A. Grade 8, Fresno County
Pitching Speed
Advisor: Mrs. Brenda Read
School: Kastner Intermediate School, Fresno
J1209 Herrera, Carmela Grade 7, Ventura County
Which Type of Cover Best Attracts and Keeps Heat in Swimming Pools?
Advisor: Ms. Constance Belsi
School: Santa Clara Elementary School, Oxnard
J1210 Howard, Ryan M. Grade 7, San Mateo County
The Effect of Different Materials on Heat Gain and Heat Loss in a Solar Collector
Advisor: Mrs. Lucille Uldrick
School: Notre Dame Elementary School, Belmont
J1211 Iacuaniello, Jeff A. Grade 7, Humboldt County
The Tee to Be
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Lane
School: Pacific Union Elementary School, Arcata
J1212 Kalalang, Maria Ivmer R. Grade 7, Fresno County
The Quickest Way Between Two Points is Not Always a Line!
Advisor: Mrs. Brenda Read
School: Kastner Intermediate School, Fresno
J1213 Le, Quan QN Grade 8, Santa Clara County
Pin Hole Viewer
Advisor: Mrs. Laura Randall
School: Fair (J. Wilbur) Middle School, San Jose
J1214 McNeal, Meridith R. Grade 8, Ventura County
Beat the Heat
Advisor: Ms. Denise Moss
School: Colina Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J1215 Mills, Erin E. Grade 7, Orange County
What Type of Insulation Keeps a Soda Can Coolest?
Advisor: Mrs. Debbie Geary
School: St. Angela Merici Elementary School, Brea
J1216 Pearson, Brittney A. Grade 7, Fresno County
Effectiveness of Various Types of Fabrics in Reducing Body Heat Loss
Advisor: Mr. Edward Case
School: Centerville Elementary School, Sanger
J1217 Sammuli, Brian S. Grade 8, San Diego County
Spectral Analysis of a Plucked String: Exploring the Limits of an Electromagnetic Pickup
Advisor: Ms. Maryanna Warner
School: Del Dios Middle School, Escondido
J1218 Smith, Jhared P. Grade 8, Ventura County
Which Selected Materials Best Insulate Against Heat?
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Falk
School: Los Cerritos Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J1219 Taslakian, Armen Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Alcohols in Cloud Chambers
Advisor: Ms. Marine Mardirian
School: Chamlian Armenian School, Glendale
J1220 Thomas, Baley L. Grade 8, Lassen County
Metal Mania
Advisor: Mr. Abe Hathaway
School: Big Valley Intermediate School, Bieber
J1222 Whitaker, Robbie R. Grade 8, Glenn County
Which Size Reflects the Most Heat?
Advisor: Ms. Taylor
School: Price (C.K.) Middle School, Orland
J1298 Danakian, Lusine T. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Relationship between Conductivity and Temperature in Electrolytes
Advisor: Mr. Mark Abajian
School: Pilibos (Alex) Armenian School, Los Angeles
J1299 Bonney, Cameron R. Grade 8, San Diego County
Vertical Size Segregation of Vibrating Granular Media in Cylinders of Varying Diameters
Advisor: Ms. Kelli James
School: Bell (Alexander Graham) Junior High School, San Diego

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