1995 Category Winners in


First Place: S0306
DeWalt, Kevin C. Grade 12, San Diego County
The Effect of Fever on Lipopolysaccharides
Advisor: Dr. Neal Biggart
School: Bonita Vista Senior High School, Chula Vista

Second Place: S0328
Wu, Charlotte A. Grade 11, San Diego County
Molecular Basis for Endothelium Response to Hemodynamic Forces
Advisor: Dr. Yeun-Jund Shyy
School: Torrey Pines High School, Encinitas

Third Place: S0310
Hsu, Pattie K. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Tuftelin Expression During Mouse Tooth Development
Advisor: Dr. Duane Nichols
School: Alhambra High School, Alhambra

Honorable Mention: S0315
Mattison, Shawn D. Grade 10, San Diego County
Foreign Gene Expression in Myeloma Cells
Advisor: Ms. Victoria Coordt
School: Torrey Pines High School, Encinitas

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