Plant Biology

S1401 Alvarez, Christina M. Grade 9, Santa Cruz County
The Effects of Saltwater Intrusion on Important Crops of the Salinas Valley
Advisor: Ms. Lisa Uttal
School: Santa Catalina School, Monterey
S1402 Barari, Sony B. Grade 9, Kern County
Do Green Plants Affect Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide?
Advisor: Mr. Chris Ostermann
School: Murray Junior High School, Ridgecrest
S1403 Clark, Valerie R. Grade 9, Ventura County
Touching Plants
Advisor: Mrs. Shelley Zadik
School: Hueneme High School, Oxnard
S1404 Cribbs, Tracy K. Grade 12, Kern County
The Evaluation of the Translocation of Foliar-Applied Urea N^15 on Nectarine Trees
Advisor: Ms. Christine Dickson
School: North High School, Bakersfield
S1405 Gorcey, David D. Grade 11, Ventura County
The Effects of Rhizobia trifolia on the Germination and Development of Trifolium hirtum Grown Under Artificial Light in
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Rio Mesa High School, Oxnard
S1406 Grandy, Elizabeth J. Grade 9, Santa Clara County
Water Conservation in Landscaping
Advisor: Mr. Robert Schilling
School: Murphy (Martin) Middle School, San Jose
S1407 Gutierrez, Jorge Grade 10, Orange County
Adaptation by Elodea to Changing Light Conditions
Advisor: Mrs. Nancy Custer
School: Valley High School, Santa Ana
S1408 Huang, Ben S. Grade 11, Monterey County
The Effects of Microgravity on Lignin Formation: Searching for a Model System for Space Experiments
Advisor: Dr. Armando Galindo
School: Stevenson (Robert Louis) High School, Pebble Beach
S1409 Kleinman, Kimberly J. Grade 11, Kern County
The Comparison of the Growth & Maturation of Brassica rapa in its Utilization of Ambient Air, Charcoal Filtered Air, & A
Advisor: Ms. Christine Dickson
School: North High School, Bakersfield
S1410 Kwan, Karen W. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Chemotaxonomy of the Rutaceae Family Using Limonoids
Advisor: Dr. Duane Nichols
School: Alhambra High School, Alhambra
S1411 Nguyen, Bich T. Grade 12, San Diego County
Effects of Increasing UV Radiation on Photosynthesis in Plants
Advisor: Ms. Mary Mauer
School: Morse (Samuel F.B.) Senior High School, San Diego
S1412 Nichols, David H. Grade 9, Ventura County
The Effects of Foliar Fertilization on Tagetes patula
Advisor: Mr. W. Richard Cadman
School: Santa Paula Union High School, Santa Paula
S1413 Oppenheim, Quinn Grade 10, Santa Clara County
Gray Water Garden
Advisor: Ms. Eve Kedar
School: Notre Dame High School, San Jose
S1414 Phillips, Kelly D. Grade 11, Kern County
The Effects of Allelopathic Chemicals or Pathogenic Fungus on Sprout Development of Blue Oaks
Advisor: Mr. Matt Pearce
School: Arvin High School, Arvin
S1415 Reece, Naomi S. Grade 10, Santa Barbara County
Is in vitro Micropropagation of Plant Tissue Culture a Viable Technique for Agriculture?
Advisor: Ms. Susan Park
School: Santa Barbara Senior High School, Santa Barbara
S1416 Roeder, Adrienne H. Grade 12, San Diego County
Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in Crassula argentea and Global Warming
Advisor: Mrs. Leslie Hays
School: Helix High School, La Mesa
S1417 Shapiro, Kevin A. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
The Effect of Nicotine-Choline Combinations on Bioelectric and Biochemical Reactions in Dionaea muscipula
Advisor: Mr. Koh Ikeda
School: North Hollywood High School, North Hollywood
S1418 Sieg, Jodi M. Grade 10, Kern County
Tomatoes: pH vs. Growth
Advisor: Mr. Dwight Morgan
School: Burroughs (Sherman E.) High School, Ridgecrest
S1419 Susman, Emily S. Grade 9, Ventura County
The Dieffenbachia and the Amazing Shooting Idioblasts
Advisor: Mr. Brent Susman
School: Buena High School, Ventura
S1420 Tran, Carol T. Grade 12, San Diego County
Alleviating the Greenhouse Effect: Genetic Engineering in Plant Species Rapid Uptake of Carbon dioxide
Advisor: Mr. Timothy Towler
School: San Diego Senior High School, San Diego
S1421 Voss, Nicholas L. Grade 9, Riverside County
Will Irradiation of Strawberries at "Pasteurization Levels" Extend their Shelf Life?
Advisor: Mr. John Sutton
School: Polytechnic High School, Riverside
S1422 Zepeda, Roy A. Grade 12, Riverside County
What Effect does Methanol have on Crop Plants' Yield?
Advisor: Mr. Brian Stanley
School: Norte Vista High School, Riverside
S1498 Tierney, John J. Grade 10, Orange County
The Differences Between Sun and Shade Leaves
Advisor: Mrs. Lynn Gable
School: Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana
S1499 Healy, Stacy A. Grade 10, Orange County
Plant Growth and Soil Characteristics
Advisor: Mrs. Lynn Gable
School: Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana

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