S1601 Arledge, Kimberly N. Grade 9, San Diego County
Can Simple Computer Models Predict Population Changes in Endangered Species?
Advisor: Mr. Albert Walker
School: Fallbrook Union High School, Fallbrook
S1602 Beever, Melissa S. Grade 10, Orange County
The Gray Whale Migration
Advisor: Ms. Kate Melson
School: Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Rancho Santa Margari
S1603 Berdan, Jenny A. Grade 9, Riverside County
Fruit Flies and Biological Rhythms
Advisor: Mr. David Judge
School: Arlington High School, Riverside
S1604 Chatham, Crystal D. Grade 11, San Bernardino County
Visual Perception and Fear
Advisor: Mr. Tim Bacon
School: Rialto High School, Rialto
S1605 Cho-Polizzi, Stefan A. Grade 10, Mendocino County
The Effects of Vegetarian and Meat Diets Upon the Growth Rate of Trout
Advisor: Mr. Fred Rubin
School: Fort Bragg High School, Fort Bragg
S1606 Chow, Alexander Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Systematic Relationships Among the Genera and Subfamilies of the Nereididae (Annelida: Polychaeta)
Advisor: Dr. Duane Nichols
School: Alhambra High School, Alhambra
S1607 Colon, Holly N. Grade 9, Riverside County
Space Butterflies
Advisor: Mr. Peter Matus
School: Murrieta Valley High School, Murrieta
S1608 Cuellar, Servando D. Grade 9, Los Angeles County
Do Drill Snails Still Prey Upon the Same Mollusk Today as They did During the Pleistocene Age?
Advisor: Ms. Megan Jackson
School: Dodson (Rudecinda Sepulveda) Middle School, Rancho Palos Verdes
S1609 Elliott, Betsy M. Grade 10, Orange County
The Importance of Fructose for Overwintering Mosquitoes
Advisor: Mrs. Lynn Gable
School: Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana
S1610 Forrest, John D. Grade 10, San Diego County
Zonal Choice of the Limpet: Collisella limatula in the La Jolla/Tourmaline Area
Advisor: Mr. Brian Kick
School: Helix High School, La Mesa
S1611 Freeman, Matthew J. Grade 11, Kern County
Is the Color of the Golden Trout Affected by its Diet?
Advisor: Mr. Thomas Cormack
School: Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella
S1612 Fritch, Sarah C. Grade 9, Riverside County
Feeding Frenzy
Advisor: Mr. Kenneth Peyton
School: Centennial High School, Corona
S1613 Hirsch, Christopher K. Grade 9, San Diego County
Vitamin-C Protection Against Ultraviolet Radiation in Drosophila melanogaster
Advisor: Dr. Sara Watts
School: Memorial Junior High School, San Diego
S1614 Johnson, Carrie L. Grade 10, Orange County
Ant Communication
Advisor: Mrs. Marilyn Harvey
School: Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo
S1615 Klemp, Caroline R. Grade 10, Monterey County
A Study of the Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Limb Regeneration Using Amphiodia occidentalis
Advisor: Mr. Jack Arnold
School: York (The) School, Monterey
S1616 Kuramoto, Lani R. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Poecilogony vs. Cryptic Speciation in the Brittle Star Ophionereis annulata (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea)
Advisor: Dr. Duane Nichols
School: Alhambra High School, Alhambra
S1617 Lin, Luke T. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
The Effect of Age on the Rate of Learning and Retention of Memory in Rats
Advisor: Dr. Yuhlin Lin
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estate
S1619 Phan, Hoa H. Grade 11, Ventura County
Chickens and Colored Rice - Which Will They Eat?
Advisor: Mrs. Shelley Zadik
School: Hueneme High School, Oxnard
S1620 Pinoli, Nicolo R. Grade 12, Mendocino County
The Effects of Colored Light Upon the Eating Habits of Brook Trout
Advisor: Mr. Fred Rubin
School: Fort Bragg High School, Fort Bragg
S1621 Poole, Cyndi M. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Nodule Formation as a Defense Mechanism in the Penaeid Shrimp, Sicyonia ingentis
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills
S1622 Schjolberg, Jennifer F. Grade 9, San Diego County
EMF and Sea Urchin Embryo Development
Advisor: Ms. Leslie Gushwa
School: Diegueno Junior High School, Encinitas
S1623 Show, Linsey M. Grade 9, Santa Cruz County
Does the Surgeon General's Warning Apply to Spider Mites?
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Smith
School: Watsonville High School, Watsonville
S1624 Slack, Melissa E.F. Grade 9, Orange County
Rabbit Genetics - Recessive and Dominant Traits
Advisor: Ms. Sharon Writer
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park
S1625 Snell, Christina A. Grade 10, San Diego County
The Effects of Intraspecific and Environmental Sounds on Gouldian Finch Reproduction
Advisor: Ms. Judith Reith
School: Point Loma High School, San Diego
S1626 Watkins, Caitlin J. Grade 10, San Luis Obispo County
The Effects of the Highway 41 Fire on Mesofauna in Previously Grazed Grasslands
Advisor: Dr. Michael Landino
School: Morro Bay High School, Morro Bay
S1627 Wu, Sharlene L. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Behavioral Changes Induced by Odor in a Locust
Advisor: Dr. Duane Nichols
School: Alhambra High School, Alhambra
S1628 Yen, Kelvin Grade 12, San Mateo County
Ultraviolet Radiation and Drosophila melanogaster
Advisor: Ms. Tanya Bauriedel
School: Menlo School, Atherton
S1699 Fetherston, Erin F. Grade 9, Alameda County
Which Creek is Healthiest?
Advisor: Ms. Tristan Green
School: Piedmont High School, Piedmont

Listings of All Projects and All Students

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