1997 California State Science Fair
Student of the Year

The final, and largest, prize awarded by the California State Science Fair is that of the Science Fair Student of the Year. This award is open to all twelfth grade students participating in the Fair. Applicants must submit an essay in advance of the Fair. The decision on this award is based not only upon the student's science fair project, but just as importantly on the student's academic excellence, ability to communicate, community service, and breadth of activities and interests. The 1997 winner was:

Luke S. Tso

Alhambra High School
Alhambra, Los Angeles County
His Project Advisor: Mr. Duane Nichols

[photo of Luke Tso] Luke Tso
with presenter
Sylvia Connolly

The Student of the Year Committee cited the following reasons in their selection of Luke Tso:

His chemistry project is outstanding. He has taken every science course possible; he is thirsting for more knowledge and understanding. He calls himself a Renaissance man: orchestra (violin, concertmaster), swimming and water polo, started the Gardening Club, helped in creating the web page for his school, knows hardware, and cuts hair. He envisions a future that is unique, creative, and magnificent. He defines a vision, not a vocation nor a job. We would all like to be part of his future vision.

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