1997 California State Science Fair
Special and Recognition Awards

Six-Year Participation Award

Kenneth L. Custer [photo]

Special Awards

California Shore and Beach Preservation Association
(tie): S0509 Lynda N. Ly and J0507 Erik M. Cleeves [photo]

Institute for the Advancement of Engineering
S0808 James G. Marsden [photo]

John D. Isaacs Scholarship
S1623 Shane A. Sevey [photo]
Honorable Mentions: S1604 Alan C. Cheng, S0709 Erin K. Jameson-Buechner, and S0321 Luke S. Tso

Neurosciences Prize
S1106 Eduardo S. Fricovsky [photo]
Honorable Mentions: S0608 Bryan L. Johnson and S1625 Carrie Shilyansky

Muses of the California Museum of Science and Industry
Senior Division: S0105 Rebecca W. Dell
Junior Division: J1108 Anurupa Dev [photo]

The Silicon Boule Award
Senior Division: S0611 Jesse T. Sterling [photo]
Honorable Mentions: S1204 Michael Chiu and S0608 Bryan L. Johnson
Junior Division: J1201 David T. Adair [photo]

SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
S1219 Hrach H. Simonian [photo]

Tau Beta Pi Association, Southern California Alumnus Chapter
S0608 Bryan L. Johnson [photo]

University of Southern California, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
S0424 Aric J. Zamel [photo]

Recognition Awards

American Chemical Society, Coordinating Committee of California Sections
Senior Division: (tie) S0403 Adam P. Bernhardt and S0411 Gordon M. Kwan
Junior Division: (tie) J0407 Robert H. Dunkerson and J0412 Sarah E. Hogan

American Heart Association, Greater Los Angeles Affiliate
First Place: S1301 Brian C. Abert [photo]
Second Place: S1312 Katherine M. Korson [photo]

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Senior Division: S0818 Brent R. Shockley [photo]
Junior Division: J0845 Robert A. Rodriguez [photo]

American Vacuum Society
First Place: S0420 Andrea R. Tao [photo]
Second Place: S0410 Lance K. Kim [photo]

Association of Women Geoscientists
Senior Division:
First Place: S0510 Michelle L. Mantegani
Honorable Mention: S0513 Lisa M. Sani
Junior Division (Individual Projects):
First Place: J0513 Megan T. Keller
Honorable Mention: J0521 Leslie M. Worton
Junior Division (Team Projects):
(tie) Team of J0501 Guadalupe M. Arceo and Cynthia Lopez and
J0504 Joy S. Bhosai and Michelle N. Heimgartner

California Association of Professional Scientists
J0707 Michael M. Carr [photo]

California Environmental Health Association
First Place: S1006 Dana B. Gravem [photo]
Second Place: S0719 Patricia M. Pascual [photo]
Third Place: S1606 Damion T. Donaldson [photo]

California Native Plant Society
Botany Award S1426 Amanda I. Shaw
Environmental Sciences Award Team of J1411 Ty W. Clark and Tyler G. Jenkins

Docents of the California Museum of Science and Industry
Senior Division
First Place: S1012 Linda Y. Lee [photo]
Second Place: S0608 Bryan L. Johnson [photo]
Junior Division
First Place: J1137 Tiancheng Zhu [photo]
Second Place: Team of J0504 Joy S. Bhosai and Michelle N. Heimgartner

Southern California Health Physics Society
First Place: S1313 Stefani N. Krueger with advisor Mr. Mark Mayo
Honorable Mention: (tie) S1005 Gregory Dupret, S1613 Ari B. Hoffman, and J1021 Benhan N. Limketkai

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