1998 California State Science Fair
Student of the Year

The final, and largest, prize awarded by the California State Science Fair is that of the Science Fair Student of the Year. This award is open to all twelfth grade students participating in the Fair. Applicants must submit an essay in advance of the Fair. Finalists were evaluated on their essays, their science fair projects, academic excellence, ability to communicate, their community service efforts, and by personal interviews with the selection panel. The 1998 winner was:

Marin A. McDonald

Villa Park High School
Villa Park, Orange County
Her Project Advisor: Ms. Sharon Writer

[photo of Marin McDonald] Click

The award citation for Marin McDonald at the Awards Ceremony reads:

She is a Westinghouse Science Talent Search Semifinalist, has done research in Russia, will be participating in a competition in the Weizmann Institute in Israel this summer, is school salutatorian, is a ballet dancer, and teaches dance to pre-schoolers. She impressed the judges with her enthusiasm, passion for science, and sense of purpose. Her ambition is to educate the public about the importance of scientific issues by taking a double major in Biology and Communications at Stanford University. Congratulations, Marin.

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