2000 California State Science Fair
Special and Recognition Awards


Special Awards

American Chemical Society, Coordinating Committee of California Sections
Award to the young scientist with the most original use of chemistry in a research project. $500 award.
S0405 Suvi F. Flagan, Los Angeles County

California Shore and Beach Preservation Association
The student whose science project demonstrates an understanding of or a unique curiosity for coastal processes, both physical and biological. $500 cash award, and a one-year student membership to ASBPA/CSBPA.
S0908 Erik M. Granstedt, San Diego County

Energy Award
One award to a student in each division and advisor with the best project relating to energy, judged on the quality and application of the science and the potential impact on energy use. $1000 cash award.
Senior Division: S0106 Trevor J. Howard, Riverside County
Junior Division: J0912 Nathan A. Hicks, San Diego County
Teacher: Mr. Edward McCarthy, Vista Heights Middle School, Riverside County

John D. Isaacs Scholarship
$12,000 college scholarship in marine science, open only to high school seniors. Applicant must submit a separate application to the California Sea Grant Program by an April deadline.
Scholarship: S0103 Brian D. Fulkerson, San Diego County

Muses of the California Science Center
One award of $500 to a young woman in both the junior and senior divisions identified as an outstanding future scientist.
Senior Division: (tie)
S1301 Briana C. Alvarez, San Diego County;
S1515 Heather M. Skellie, Orange County
Junior Division: (tie)
J1203 Anna D. Birch, Tulare County
J0309 Tanya M. Marton, Los Angeles County

The Silicon Boule Award
Awarded in both age divisions for distinctive performance in the physical sciences. Award is the recipient's choice of a laptop computer or a silicon boule.
Senior Division: (tie)
S1103 Matthew R. Behrend, Los Angeles County
S0918 Ian R. Whittinghill, Ventura County
Junior Division: (tie)
J0919 Thomas B. Michon, Orange County
J1031 Matt J. Segal, Los Angeles County

SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Awarded to the best project in the area of optics and photonics engineering. $500 cash award, certificate, and one year student membership in SPIE.
Award: S0603 Amanda A. Kozlowski, Ventura County

University of Southern California, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Project demonstrating the student exhibiting the most promise for a future scientific career. $500 cash award.
S0110 Hans C. Lee, Monterey County

Recognition Awards

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Orange County Section
Aerospace Excellence Award. Outstanding project reflecting superior knowledge and understanding of aerospace sciences. One award in each division: $200 and certificates of recognition.
Senior Division: S0908 Erik M. Granstedt, San Diego County
Junior Division: J0921 Tei Newman-Lehman, San Diego County

Association of Women Geoscientists, Los Angeles Chapter
Earth Science Achievement Award. For an outstanding project in the earth science field by a young woman. First Place: $50 savings bond and membership in the association; Honorable Mention: certificate of accomplishment.
Senior Division:
First Place: S0805 Jessica A. Fancon, Ventura County
Special Recognition: S0506 Michelle N. Heimgartner, Fresno County
Team Projects:
First Place: S0809 Heather F. Johnston, Mary E. Vargas, San Bernardino County
Second Place: S0501 Colleen E. Beck, Heather K. Beck, Kristin J. Beck, Riverside County
Junior Division:
First Place: J0518 Jade K. Smith, San Diego County
Second Place (tie):
J0812 Emma N. Harrison, Mendocino County
J0817 Amara L. Miller, Humboldt County
Team Projects:
First Place: J0504 Stacy I. Chang, Bee Hui Yeh, San Mateo County
Second Place: J0514 Mary Pen, Rasy Seang, Tony Tran, Mai Vang, San Joaquin County

California Association of Professional Scientists
Grades 7-11 only. For an outstanding environmental project. $100 savings bond and plaque.
S0819 Kathryn E. St. Pierre, Kern County

California Energy & Environmental Education Forum (CEEEF)
One award in each age division to the project which does the most to enable people to make responsible energy and environmental choices. $100 award to each student, $100 to the sponsoring teacher, and $100 toward teacher's expenses to attend a CSTA conference to receive a plaque.
Senior Division: S0822 Aileen Y. Sy, Orange County
Junior Division: J0712 Hillary F. Green, Orange County

California Environmental Health Association
Senior Division: S0811 Keegan Kania, San Luis Obispo County
Junior Divisoin: J1308 Christine Haas, Fresno County

California Native Plant Society
Plant Biology Award: Excellence in the study of botanical characteristics of one or more species of California's native flora. $100 award.
S1609 Arietta E. Fleming-Davies, San Diego County
Plant Biology Award: Habitat preferences of one or more species of California's native flora. $100 award.
J1621 Megan R. Higley, Humboldt County

Health Physics Society, Southern California Chapter
Project which best demonstrates or observes the use or effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. First Place: cash award of $100 to student and teacher. Honorable Mentions: $25 each.
First Place: S1809 Danielle M. Gilbert, Orange County with advisor Mrs. Marilyn Harvey
Honorable Mention (tie):
S1808 team of Sherlene A. Gatdula and Nina J. Santos-Davila, Monterey County;
J1329 Robyn N. Strumpf, Los Angeles County

Los Angeles Council of Engineers and Scientists
Outstanding project in the physical sciences reflecting excellent application or demonstration of knowledge, research, and understanding of the scientific method and superior presentation. $100 and certificate.
Award: S1402 team of Vanessa J. Fleming and Shaina S. Potts, Santa Cruz County.

Tau Beta Pi Association, Southern California Alumnus Chapter
Outstanding project reflecting superior knowledge and understanding of more than one engineering discipline.
S0908 Erik M. Granstedt, San Diego County.

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