2001 Category Winners in
Physics & Astronomy

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First Place: S1404
Chen, Geraldine J., Grade 9
How Does Surface Temperature Above the Boiling Point Affect the Rate of Evaporation of Certain Alcohols?
Advisor: Mr. Craig Huff
School: Northwood High School, Irvine, Orange County

Second Place: S1408
Kozlowski, Amanda A., Grade 10
In Living Color: Colorimetric Calibration of an LED Display Using Spectroscopy Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Lester Kozlowski
School: La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County

Third Place: S1401
Ahmed, Faizan, Grade 10
Ahmed, Sameer, Grade 12
Hsu, Benjamin, Grade 11
The Effect of a Magnetic Field on the Path of Subatomic Particles Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Sarratt
School: Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, Kern County

Honorable Mention: S1403
Black, Heather M., Grade 12
The Lines Inside: Holographic Interferometry and Thermal Expansion Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Sweet
School: North Salinas High School, Salinas, Monterey County

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