CSSF Project Listings: 2001
Environmental Biology (Junior Division Only)
Junior Division

J0701 Category Award: First Place
Amiri, Sarah-Marie, Grade 8
Where the Land Meets the Sea Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Ron Pembleton
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County

J0702 Category Award: Honorable Mention
Archer, Ashley J., Grade 8
Padgett, Meghan L., Grade 8
Investigating the Effects of Precipitation from Agricultural Pesticide in Contaminating the Environment
Advisor: Mr. Nathan Whittington
School: Fairmont Elementary School, Sanger, Fresno County

Austin, Christine M., Grade 8
Rice, Amy S., Grade 8
San Joaquin River Water Quality: A Two Year Study
Advisor: Mr. Richard Kinney
School: Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Clovis, Fresno County

Collins, Reed I., Grade 7
The Influence of Turbidity on Benthic Algae in Streams Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Lane
School: Pacific Union School, Arcata, Humboldt County

Del Piero, John G., Grade 7
Slip Sliding Away: Loss of Elkhorn Slough Eel Grass Beds Due to Induced Coastal Erosion Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Deirdre Gonzales
School: Santa Catalina Lower School, Monterey, Monterey County

Divel, Kristen M., Grade 8
How Does Acid Rain Affect the Cell Structure of Spirogyra?
Advisor: Mr. John Rosser
School: Shorecliffs Middle School, San Clemente, Orange County

Erlick, Mariah R., Grade 7
Salmon vs. Human: The Effects of Development on a Salmon Habitat
Advisor: Dr. Carla Longchamp
School: Willits Charter School, Willits, Mendocino County

Fyfe, Colin A., Grade 7
Poisoned Fruit? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. George Merilatt
School: Gateway Middle School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County

Hackett, Christina B., Grade 6
Thirsty: The Presence of Coliform and E. coli Bacteria in the Tule River Watershed Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Ha Le
School: Springville Union Elementary School, Springville, Tulare County

Hasanin, Leith O., Grade 6
Manter Fire, August 2000
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Farmer
School: Home School - Kernville Union, Lake Isabella, Kern County

Ibarra, Rodolfo, Jr., Grade 7
Rhoades, Justin K., Grade 7
Anderson Valley Coliform
Advisor: Mr. John Woods
School: Anderson Valley Junior/Senior High School, Boonville, Mendocino County

Kelly, Ruth R., Grade 8
Evidence of Coliform Bacteria in Santee's Lakes and Rivers Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Jill Schmitt
School: Carlton Oaks School, Santee, San Diego County

Musser, Rebecca K., Grade 7
Fungus Among Us: Do Environmental Factors Affect the Growth of Mushrooms?
Advisor: Mr. Bill MacKenzie
School: Clifford Marine Science Magnet School, Redwood City, San Mateo County

J0714 Category Award: Second Place
Nakaba, Katherine E., Grade 7
Sand Crabs and Pollution: Factors Affecting Sand Crab Populations at Two Sites in the Santa Monica Bay
Advisor: Mr. Steven Parsa
School: Palos Verdes Intermediate School, Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County

Savvas, Michael M., Grade 7
The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Sea Urchin Embryonic Development
Advisor: Ms. Carmela Scott
School: Mann (Horace) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County

Schafer, Soquel M ., Grade 7
What's in the Net: Determine Stream Quality by Sampling Macroinvertebrate Population
Advisor: Mr. John Woods
School: Anderson Valley Junior/Senior High School, Boonville, Mendocino County

Sealy, Keira L., Grade 6
A River Runs Through It
Advisor: Mrs. Gayle Miller
School: Summit Intermediate School, Etiwanda, San Bernardino County

Self, Kate E., Grade 8
Aquatic Insects Meet Acid Rain
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Lane
School: Pacific Union School, Arcata, Humboldt County

Stalder, Julia R., Grade 8
The Effects of Acid Rain on the Cell Structure of Spirogyra
Advisor: Ms. Deborah Trimble
School: St. Charles School, San Carlos, San Mateo County

Stassinos, Gina L., Grade 8
Agrochemical Leaching Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Diane Reuter
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County

Stout, Christopher J., Grade 7
Suarez, Allison G., Grade 7
The Mokelumne River Chinook Salmon Run and the Significance of Point Two Project Abstract
Advisor: Dr. David Brainerd
School: Toyon Middle School, Valley Springs, Calaveras County

J0722 Category Award: Third Place
Strumpf, Robyn N., Grade 8
Does the Presence of Diatoms Indicate the Water Quality of the Body of Water in which They Are Found?
Advisor: Mr. Craig Campbell
School: Sierra Canyon Middle School, Chatsworth, Los Angeles County

Tebbets, Mark T., Grade 7
Effect of Chlorine on the Growth of Aquatic Plants
Advisor: Mr. David Piercy
School: Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Clovis, Fresno County

Tibbett, Daniel L., Grade 7
Is Air Pollution Killing Our Trees?
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Thielen
School: Academy for Academic Excellence, Apple Valley, San Bernardino County

Whitaker, Nathan D., Grade 7
The Effect of Fertilization in Our Oceans
Advisor: Mrs. Jodi Catano
School: Blessed Sacrament Elementary School, San Diego, San Diego County

Zondler, William W., II, Grade 8
What Is Killing Fish at the Salton Sea? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Tom Downs
School: St. John School, Encinitas, San Diego County

McGuan, Ryan P., Grade 6
Soil Bacteria and Global Warming
Advisor: Ms. Nadia Oggiano
School: St. Anne School, Laguna Niguel, Orange County

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