2002 Category Awards in
Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

First Place: J0499
Wood, Scott A. Grade 8, Fresno County
Which Substance Has the Most Effect on Inhibiting Platelet Adhesion?
Advisor: Mrs. Karen Costa-Smith
School: Centerville Elementary School, Sanger

Second Place: J0404
Seabury, Kristen E. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
The Effect of Antioxidants in Preventing Further Oxidation in TBA Analysis
Advisor: Mr. Louis Garcia
School: Viewpoint School, Calabasas

Third Place: J0402
Humphrey, Jan M. Grade 8, Kern County
A Link to the Future
Advisor: Mrs. Carol Humphrey
School: Chipman Junior High School, Bakersfield

Honorable Mention: J0405
Tejeda, Francisco J., Jr. Grade 8, San Diego County
What Conditions Affect the Lactate Dehydrogenase Enzyme?
Advisor: Mrs. Kathy McNamara Schroeder
School: Del Dios Middle School, Escondido

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