2002 Category Awards in

First Place: J0511
Mascharak, Smita Grade 7, Santa Cruz County
Acidic Foods in Contact with Aluminum Foil: A Cause of Parkinson's/Alzheimer's Disease?
Advisor: Ms. Laura Home
School: Mission Hill Junior High School, Santa Cruz

Second Place: J0510
Jenkins, Michele K. Grade 6, Fresno County
Determining the Effects Fruit Peels Have on Freezing Water
Advisor: Mr. David Russell
School: Wash (John S.) Elementary School, Fresno

Third Place: J0520
Rucker, Jessica Grade 8, San Diego County
"Aluminum Soup": The Absorption of Aluminum and Iron into Citric Acid Solutions Boiled in Metal Cookware
Advisor: Ms. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas

Honorable Mention: J0508
Goldman, Amy E. Grade 6, Orange County
Leavening Agents
Advisor: Mr. William Dupuis
School: Tarbut V' Torah Community Day School, Irvine

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