2002 Category Awards in
Structural Capability & Strength of Materials (Junior Division Only)

First Place: J1809
Schuster, Gregory P. Grade 8, Riverside County
Truss Analysis: A Study in Engineering Practices
Advisor: Mr. Kerry Schuster
School: Faith Christian Academy, Murrieta

Second Place: J1803
Bardet, Kyle J. Grade 8, Kern County
I Beam
Advisor: Mr. William Plain
School: Fruitvale Junior High School, Bakersfield

Third Place: J1806
Dal Zuffo, Matthew S. Grade 7, Santa Barbara County
The Future of Building: Styroflex, A New Building Material
Advisor: Mrs. Deborah Dal Zuffo
School: Home School, Santa Barbara

Honorable Mention: J1801
Armando, Alexandra B. Grade 6, Santa Clara County
Bridges: A Comparison of Structural Capabilities
Advisor: Ms. Esther Ellis
School: Bullis Purissima Elementary School, Los Altos Hills

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