CSSF Students Named as Finalists in the
Fifth Annual Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge

Seven CSSF Students Named to Final Forty

(September 17, 2003) - Seven participants in the 2003 California State Science Fair have been named as finalists in the Fifth Annual Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge. With eight finalists in total, California has more finalists in the DCYSC than any other state this year, with Texas and Florida next with five each. (The eighth Californian who was named as a finalist was in fifth grade, and hence was not eligible to enter CSSF.) The finalsts were chosen last month from among 400 semifinalists from 45 states and the District of Columbia.

The Final Forty will travel to the nation's capital and compete for more than $100,000 in college scholarships and other awards in science competitions on October 19-22. The finalists will participate in challenges selected in celebration of 100 years of flight, including air travel, wing dynamics, fuel efficiency, and aerospace. Rocket cars, spy copters, and gliders will play a role in the competition which will be taped for broadcast on The Discovery Channel.

The DYSC is a national science competition for students in grades 5-8 created by the Discover Channel (Discover Communications, Inc., DCI) and Science Service to encourage the exploration, understanding, and communication of science among the next generation of America's youth.

The DCYSC finalists from California are:

Student City
J0402 Bates, Samantha L. Belmont
J0908 Feeny, Dana A. Woodside
N/A Fisher, Bobby Corralitos
J1420 Koh, Justin Bakersfield
J1699 Reid, John G. Redlands
J1532 Rucker, Jacob J. Encinitas
J0133 Saris, Patrick J.G. Calabasas
J0927 Simpkins, Taylor Huntington Beach

For further details please see the official DYSC website at www.discovery.com/dysc or the Science Service site at www.sciserv.org/dysc.

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