Portraits of Students by Panel

Category  Junior Division   Senior Division 
Aerodynamics/ Hydrodynamics J01 S01
Applied Mechanics J02 S02
Behavioral Sciences J03 S03
Biochemistry J04 S04
Chemistry J05 S05
Earth & Planetary Sciences J06 S06
Electricity & Electronics J07 S07
Environmental Engineering J08 S08
Environmental Science J09  
Mammalian Biology J10 S10
Materials Science J11  
Mathematics & Software J12 S12
Microbiology J13 S13
Pharmacology J14 S14
Physics & Astronomy J15 S15
Plant Biology J16 S16
Social Sciences J17  
Structures & Strength J18  
Zoology J19 S19

Students who withdrew or who chose not to attend the Fair are identified as "Not Present" in the above photographs. Students whose photographs are missing are identified as "No Photo Available."

We attempted to photograph every student who was present at the 2006 Fair so that their portrait should have appeared within their judging panel above. However, despite two complete passes through all projects, some students remained unpictured. Further, we recognize that some of these portraits are overexposed or may be portraits by which students may not wish to be remembered indefinitely on this site. In such cases, we welcome submissions of replacement portraits for inclusion here. Simply take a photograph with a digital camera and save the photo in whatever format your camera offers. The larger the number of pixels and the lower the compression, the better the picture. Then email the image to us. Don't alter the picture. We will crop and resize the portrait locally to match current portraits.

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