2010 California State Science Fair
Teacher of the Year — Junior Division

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The award citation at the Awards Ceremony reads:

Our Teacher of the Year’s philosophy of science is that “every observation has a question hidden in it.” Our recipient encourages students to focus on making observations about the world around them, and come up with science fair project ideas from those observations. Every 8th grade student at the school completes a science fair project, and is encouraged to investigate something that inspires them personally.

Our recipient recognizes when first-hand knowledge is lacking, and works to connect the students with other mentors having relevant expertise. This year, our recipient connected a student with the Faulkes Telescope Project, giving the student the opportunity to control a functioning robotic telescope as part of their science fair project.

Our recipient believes that the best thing to do for the students is to not stand in their way. In all students, this teacher hopes to instill a sense of self confidence, and encourages them to always “be proud of themselves.”

Please join me in congratulating our Junior Division Teacher of the Year — from Goleta Valley Junior High School in Santa Barbara County — Kim Miller!

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Kim Miller was named as advisor on the following projects this year: J0106, J1734, J1901, J1906, J2104, and J2315.

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