CSSF Category Awards: 2011
Applied Mechanics & Structures

Junior Division


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J0325 — First Place
Canyon C. Robins, Grade 7 portrait
A Long Shot: Optimizing a Projectile Launching Apparatus
Advisor: Ms. Diana Skiles
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside, Humboldt County
J0316 — Second Place
Hayato S. Kato, Grade 6 portrait
Pasta Bridge: Which Shape Is the Strongest?
Advisor: Mrs. Ann Bennett
School: Turtle Rock Elementary School, Irvine, Orange County
J0306 — Third Place
Michael C. Binon, Grade 8 portrait
Having a Hard Head Won't Save You
Advisor: Mr. Brian Lloyd
School: Granite Bay Montessori, Roseville, Placer County
J0320 — Fourth Place
Maya D. Miklos, Grade 7 portrait
Pump it Up! The Effect of Tire Pressure on Bicycle Efficiency
Advisor: Mr. Greg Rice
School: Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
J0304 — Honorable Mention
Conner R. Bennett, Grade 8 portrait
Biomimetic Water Striders, Year Two: Testing the Load-Bearing Capacity of Different Leg Coatings
Advisor: Mr. Brian Bennett
School: La Entrada Middle School, Menlo Park, San Mateo County
J0315 — Honorable Mention
Rachel L. Kanonchoff, Grade 8 portrait
For Shear Joy
Advisor: Mr. Gary Welling
School: Willits Charter School, Willits, Mendocino County

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