CSSF Category Awards: 2013
Earth & Planetary Sciences

Junior Division


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J0899 — First Place
Ian V. Hughes, Grade 7
A New Ancient Community: Discovered Under a Bed
Advisor: Mrs. Tracy Lawrence
School: Riverside STEM Academy, Riverside, Riverside County
J0804 — Second Place
Rose M. Hillebrandt, Grade 8
The Golden Spiral in Hurricanes: Does It Predict Severity?
Advisor: Ms. Kim Miller
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, Santa Barbara County
J0809 — Third Place
Sarah C. Silver, Grade 8
Surfing 24/7 in California: Do California Waves Have a Greater Magnitude at High or Low Tide?
Advisor: Mrs. Elaine Gillum
School: Marshall (Thurgood) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County
J0898 — Fourth Place
Jordyn Harper, Grade 6
Caelen G. McQuilkin, Grade 6
Higher Elevations = Colder Temperatures: True or False?
Advisor: Ms. Julia Silliker
School: Lee Vining Elementary School, Lee Vining, Mono County
J0806 — Honorable Mention
Amanda B. Mickelson, Grade 8
Seaside Heritage: Investigating Local Eocene Fossils
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County

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