CSSF Category Awards: 2013
Mathematics & Software

Junior Division


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J1403 — First Place
Aaron O. Feldman, Grade 7
Saving Lives One Swimmer at a Time
Advisor: Mr. Eric Hartung
School: Pressman (Rabbi Jacob) Academy, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
J1410 — Second Place
Manjit Ruprem, Grade 8
Computer-based Automatic Music Creation through Analysis of Existing Music Pieces
Advisor: Ms. Kendia Herrington
School: Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Clovis, Fresno County
J1406 — Third Place
Ryan T. Lehmkuhl, Grade 8
Are Your Passwords Secure over Public Wi-Fi?
Advisor: Mr. Ricky Andrade
School: Heritage Christian School, San Diego, San Diego County
J1497 — Fourth Place
Sarah H. Kazmie, Grade 8
Danger, Will Robinson! Life Critical Computer User Interfaces and the Science of Safety
Advisor: Mrs. Gini Bartley
School: Redwood Middle School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
J1412 — Honorable Mention
Maya R. Sankar, Grade 8
Misspelled! Creating an Accurate Computerized Spell Correcting Algorithm
Advisor: Dr. Sriram Sankar
School: Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
J1413 — Honorable Mention
Anurag Singh, Grade 8
Kaushik Tandon, Grade 8
Wi-Fi Watchdog: Application to Observe the Indoor Mobility of Senior Citizens
Advisor: Mrs. Thea Dalvand, Ms. Thea Dalvand
School: Kennedy (John F.) Middle School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County
J1498 — Honorable Mention
Cade Pretorius, Grade 6
Programmatic Signature Fraud Detection
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Rancho Community Christian School, Temecula, Riverside County

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