CSSF Category Awards: 2017
Environmental Engineering

Junior Division


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J1117 — First Place
Melina S. Ghodsi, Grade 8 portrait
Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds: Plants vs. Filter
Advisor: Mrs. Stephanie Conklin
School: Fairmont Private Schools - Anaheim Hills, Anaheim Hills, Orange County
J1112 — Second Place
Rachel L. Eizner, Grade 8 portrait
Lisa J. Leung, Grade 8 portrait
Replacing Plastics: Innovating Biodegradable, Bio-based Plastics
Advisor: Ms. Hitu Saksena
School: Diablo Vista Middle School, Danville, Contra Costa County
J1119 — Third Place
Nithika Karthikeyan, Grade 7 portrait
The Effect of Genotypes on Wheat's Phytoremediation Capabilities As Applied to Heavy Metals in Fracked Soil
Advisor: Mr. Karthikeyan Kannappan
School: Challenger School Berryessa, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J1130 — Fourth Place
Samika Swamy, Grade 7 portrait
BioFresh Food Smarts: An Eco-friendly, Smart Solution to Reduce Wastage of Climacteric Produce
Advisor: Ms. Shalini D'Souza
School: Challenger School, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County
J1102 — Honorable Mention
Zoie S. Andre, Grade 8 portrait
Living Shorelines to Mitigate Sea Level Rise
Advisor: Ms. Jessie Hobba
School: Sunny Brae Middle School, Arcata, Humboldt County
J1105 — Honorable Mention
Yusuf A. Atesoglu, Grade 6 portrait
The Effect of Plastic Bottles on Reducing Copper from Contaminated Water
Advisor: Ms. Jinaan Alshehabi
School: Granada Islamic School, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County

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