CSSF Category Awards: 2017
Product Science (Physical)

Junior Division


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J2111 — First Place
Emily A. Hsi, Grade 7 portrait
How to Remove Ink Stains
Advisor: Ms. Robin Norfleet
School: Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine, Orange County
J2113 — Second Place
Kate E. Jackson, Grade 8 portrait
Sustainable Play: Comparing the Safety of Renewable Alternatives to Commercial Playground Surface Materials
Advisor: Mr. Tim Ainoa
School: Old Orchard School, Campbell, Santa Clara County
J2120 — Third Place
Johan G. Thuen, Grade 8 portrait
Are Pro Teck Surfboard Fins Safer?
Advisor: Mr. Ravi Dev Anandhan
School: Sierra Madre Middle School, Sierra Madre, Los Angeles County
J2118 — Fourth Place
Naiya H. Samios-McQuain, Grade 6 portrait
Sofia E. Storlazzi, Grade 6 portrait
The Effect of Concussion Bands Tested at Various Heights
Advisor: Mrs. Allison Birkhead
School: Gateway Middle School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
J2101 — Honorable Mention
Julia M. Abele, Grade 8 portrait
Dissolving Diphenhydramine: What Is the Most Efficient Form and Brand of Diphenhydramine?
Advisor: Ms. Megan Margeson
School: St. John Fisher, Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County
J2107 — Honorable Mention
Sacha S. Del Bosque, Grade 8 portrait
Can a Smartphone Do Medical Imaging?
Advisor: Ms. Bonita Hamiltion
School: Bridges Charter School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
J2110 — Honorable Mention
Krista M. Hobbib, Grade 8 portrait
Pucker Up: Putting Long-Lasting Lipstick to the Test
Advisor: Mrs. Elaine Gillum
School: Marshall (Thurgood) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County
J2119 — Honorable Mention
Alyssa Tang, Grade 6 portrait
Testing the Effectiveness of Mycofoam as an Eco-Friendly Packing Material
Advisor: Ms. Allison Rolfe
School: Canyon View Elementary School, Irvine, Orange County

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