CSSF Project Listings: 2017
Microbiology (General)

Junior Division

 Photo Gallery 

J1601 — First Place
Alexandra M. Bermudes, Grade 8 portrait
Strains of Photorhabdus Isolated in the Santa Monica Mountains Are Most Similar to Each Other and Strains from Wisconsin
Advisor: Mrs. Darshana Shah
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Highly Gifted Magnet Middle School, Tarzana, Los Angeles County
Gia S. Boisselier, Grade 7 portrait
Microorganisims beneath the Santa Clara River
Advisor: Ms. Christina Jahr
School: Mesa Union Junior High School, Somis, Ventura County
Riley A. Carpenter, Grade 8 portrait
Mold Growth: What Are the Factors of Mold Growth?
Advisor: Mrs. Anne Pfaff
School: Three Rivers Union School, Three Rivers, Tulare County
Segen M. Chambers, Grade 8 portrait
Yeast Morphology Changes with Fermentation in Neutral vs. Acid pH
Advisor: Ms. Molly Tuttle
School: Notre Dame School, Chico, Butte County
Sadies M. Dinh, Grade 8 portrait
Does Dog Drool Kill/Prevent Bacteria?
Advisor: Mr. Troy Souther
School: Herbert Hoover Middle School, Merced, Merced County
J1606 — Second Place
Ruchika S. Dixit, Grade 8 portrait
How Quorum Sensing and Media Affect Bacterial Bioluminescence
Advisor: Mr. Sean Carroll
School: Cupertino Middle School, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County
Sarah M. Hansen, Grade 6 portrait
Do Yeast Adapt to Environmental Stress Faster with an Increased Mutation Rate?
Advisor: Dr. Jayne Hastedt
School: Central Middle School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
J1608 — Third Place
Herin Kang, Grade 7 portrait
Algae Oxygen Generator
Advisor: Ms. Kristi Chung
School: Stratford Middle School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Shino Kawazu, Grade 8 portrait
The Effect of Different Water Sources on Lactic Acid Bacteria Activity
Advisor: Mr. Jesse Lofland
School: Nea Community Learning Center, Alameda, Alameda County
Clara E. Luisetti, Grade 8 portrait
Elsie J. Luisetti, Grade 6 portrait
Is Water Wasted by Pre-Rinsing and Pre-Scrubbing Our Dishes?
Advisor: Ms. Jennifer Tayler
School: Seven Hills Middle School, Nevada City, Nevada County
Lori O. Lust, Grade 7 portrait
Fungus Among Us
Advisor: Mrs. Wendy Southwood
School: Tres Pinos Union Elementary School, Hollister, San Benito County
J1612 — Fourth Place
Themi D. Perera, Grade 7 portrait
A Natural Solution to Contaminated Environments: Effects of Different Nitrogen Sources on the Biodegradation of Crude Oi
Advisor: Dr. Gilberto Flores
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Highly Gifted Magnet Middle School, Tarzana, Los Angeles County
Gwendolyn M. Shernock, Grade 8 portrait
The Effects of Glyphosate on Freshwater Bacillariophyceae
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Trone
School: South Bay Elementary, Eureka, Humboldt County
Ella M. Wedderburn, Grade 8 portrait
The Ugly Side of Beauty: To Evaluate the Microbial Contamination of Specific Cosmetic Products
Advisor: Ms. Dana Grimm
School: Alisal High School, Salinas, Monterey County

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