CSSF Project Listings: 2017
Environmental Science

Senior Division

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Gabriel Arroyos, Grade 12 portrait
Jose Benitez Ponce, Grade 12 portrait
Victor Ornelas, Jr., Grade 12 portrait
The Effect of Altitude on Tropospheric Ozone
Advisor: Ms. Guadalupe Valero
School: Rialto High School, Rialto, San Bernardino County
S1202 — Fourth Place
Deveshi Buch, Grade 10 portrait
Atmospheric Rivers: From Drought to Deluge
Advisor: Mrs. Suekyung Baker
School: Vista del Lago High School, Folsom, Sacramento County
S1203 — Honorable Mention
Emma W. Chusid, Grade 11 portrait
Environmental Effects on Health and Behavior of Nematodes
Advisor: Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez-Serrichio
School: The Buckley School, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles County
Clay J. Corippo, Grade 11 portrait
Jakob D. Friedrichs, Grade 11 portrait
Nathan T. Whittle, Grade 11 portrait
Ideal Habitat for Bass
Advisor: Mr. Jason Bohrer
School: Bear River High School, Grass Valley, Nevada County
S1205 — Third Place
Samuel T. Gleason, Grade 10 portrait
Ian V. Hughes, Grade 11 portrait
California Tide Pools: Environment in Crisis? What We Can Learn from Algae and Rocks?
Advisor: Mr. Jeremy Standerfer
School: Polytechnic High School, Riverside, Riverside County, Riverside STEM Academy, Riverside, Riverside County
Laura Gong, Grade 10 portrait
Analysis of Optimal Locations for Ocean Wave to Maximize Energy Generation
Advisor: Ms. Julie Munoz
School: Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County
S1207 — Honorable Mention
Alicia N. Hans, Grade 10 portrait
Fertilizer vs. Fungi: How Nitrogen Fertilizers Affect Beneficial Mycorrhizal Fungi
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Treseder
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
S1208 — Honorable Mention
Jennifer Hernandez-Mora, Grade 11 portrait
A Quantitative Analysis of PM 2.5 um in Santa Maria, CA
Advisor: Mr. Ricardo Magni
School: Santa Maria High School, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County
Shloka V. Janapaty, Grade 9 portrait
The Effects of Pseudomonas putida Bioremediation of Agricultural Runoff on Low-Density Polyethylene Decomposition Rates
Advisor: Dr. Tracy Hughes
School: Presentation High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Ethan Jean, Grade 10 portrait
Johnson Ku, Grade 11 portrait
Water Quality in Silicon Valley
Advisor: Mr. Jason Lee
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Samuel B. Kahn, Grade 9 portrait
Post-Fire Regeneration in Coastal Sage Scrub: Third Year of Study
Advisor: Mr. Chris Millow
School: High Tech High Media Arts, San Diego, San Diego County
Jamie M. Lin, Grade 9 portrait
The Effect of Acidification on Mytilus edulis Shells
Advisor: Ms. Crystal Cooper
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine, Orange County
S1213 — First Place
Titus M. Patton, Grade 12 portrait
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Primary Consumers in a Marine Ecosystem
Advisor: Mr. Davin Aalto
School: Sanger High School, Sanger, Fresno County
S1214 — Second Place
Lekha Pillarisetti, Grade 10 portrait
Variations in Soil Microbial Growth Responses to Climate Change and the Consequences for Carbon Cycle Feedback
Advisor: Mrs. Amulya Nanisetti
School: Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon, Contra Costa County
Ashley N. Welch, Grade 11 portrait
Maxwell S. Zinkievich, Grade 11 portrait
Using a More Sustainable Data Collection Method to Determine the Effects of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation on Particula
Advisor: Mrs. Jane Orbuch, Ms. Jane Orbuch
School: San Lorenzo Valley High School, Felton, Santa Cruz County
Zoe R. Fairlie, Grade 11 portrait
Fertilizing with a Conscience
Advisor: Ms. Stacey Falls
School: Santa Cruz High School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County

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