California State Science Fair

The Awards Ceremonies of the California State Science Fair have been broadcast live over the World Wide Web starting in 1998. Here we have reposted the entire ceremonies for you to revisit. You can choose to view the ceremonies in their entirety, or only the particular events which you've come here to see.

Awards Ceremonies

Sadly, the organization we had planned to use for the 2003 Webcast went out of business shortly before the Fair and we were unable to arrange another webcast before the Fair. However, still photographs of the 2003 Awards Ceremony, as well as the rest of the Fair, are available.

The Awards Ceremonies have been Webcast using the RealMedia format from RealNetworks. The software required to view this Webcast is FREE. If you don't already have a RealPlayer viewer installed on your computer, here's how to get your free copy.

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