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To facilitate communication between the California Science & Engineering Fair and its affiliates, as well as among all affiliated fairs throughout the State of California, a mailing list has now been made available, as announced at the County Coordinators Conference at the California Science & Engineering Fair. This is a closed-subscription list which is restricted to those persons working for CSEF or for one of its affiliates. For each affiliated fair it is expected that multiple persons will be subscribed to this list, and not only a single contact person.

Subscribing to the List
If you are eligible to join this list and are not already subscribed, simply email us.

Posting Messages
To send mail to the entire list, simply e-mail your message to

Be aware that the fairs throughout the entire State of California will receive your message. You must send mail for the list from your registered e-mail address. If you encounter problems with the ListProcessor rejecting your message saying that you are not a list subscriber, send mail to the list manager who will create the appropriate aliases for your account to enable you to post messages from wherever is most convenient for you.

Receiving Messages
All posts are delivered to your registered e-mail address. You will receive all messages sent to the list including your own, though there will be a variable delay between submission and posting owing to authentication processing.

Unsubscribing Yourself
To remove yourself from this mailing list, send e-mail to with the subject line being

unsubscribe CSEF-FAIRS-L

Leave the body of the email blank. Commands to this list processor are not case-sensitive.

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