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The California Science & Engineering Fair is the final science fair of the academic year for students throughout the State of California in grades 6 - 12, serving California's future scientists and engineers since 1952. The fair is hosted by the California Science Center.

Judging interviews of all projects in the 72nd annual California Science & Engineering Fair will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. That's only 15 days away! This year we expect about 900 participants from 400 schools throughout the State who will present 800 projects in competition for awards totaling over $60,000.

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Fair Operations
Sadly, we have to report that owing to continuing staffing shortages in the California Science Center, the 2023 Fair will be entirely virtual. Operations in 2023 will be very similar to 2022, with the major exception being that all interviews in all judging panels will be scheduled this year.
Student Registration
Qualification to CSEF is exclusively through our network of affiliated county and multi-county regional science fairs. CSEF will provide registration information directly to students after their affiliated fair certifies its qualifications. See here for the list of all currently qualified students.
Judge Registration
Judge Registration for the 2023 Fair is now open! See here for more details regarding both Category Award judges and Sponsored Award judges.

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Haven't been to the Fair? Here are some of the photographs from previous years taken by our photographer. For the historically-minded, here's a short photo essay using photographs taken a few decades ago.

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