1996 California State Science Fair
Special and Recognition Awards

Special Awards

California Shore and Beach Preservation Association
J1627 Maya E. Kessler
Institute for the Advancement of Engineering
S0808 Bryan L. Johnson
John D. Isaacs Scholarship
Misty Rose C. Borja
Honorable Mentions: S1618 Lani R. Kuramoto and S1626 Gerard J. Rymer
Muses of the California Museum of Science and Industry
Senior Division: S0916 Meredith C. Houlton
Junior Division: J0426 Briony Reisig
Tau Beta Pi Association, Southern California Alumnus Chapter
J1221 Hrach H. Simonian
Woody Woodpecker Environmental Award
Senior Division
First Place: S0719 Dennis La
Second Place: S0713 Sarah N. Giddings
Junior Division
First Place: J1433 Stephanie J. Souza
Second Place: J0712 Alan D. Khalfin

Recognition Awards

American Chemical Society, Coordinating Committee of California Sections
Senior Division: S0419 Andrea R. Tao
Junior Division: J0413 Ryan L. Harris
American Heart Association, Greater Los Angeles Affiliate
First Place: S1321 Jaspreet K. Saini
Second Place: S1608 Eduardo S. Fricovsky
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Senior Division: S1221 James T. Wedewer
Junior Division: J0820 Kent R. Johnson
American Vacuum Society
Senior Division
First Place: S1218 Edwin J. Sirko
Second Place: S0607 Joel Fossourier
Third Place: S0803 Britta L. Byer
Junior Division
J0508 Tanner Jett
Association of Women Geoscientists
Senior Division: S0718 Christine A. Joens
Junior Division: J0718 Lauren M. Nevins and J0505 Veronica L. Cox (tie)
California Association of Professional Scientists
S0718 Christine A. Joens
Docents of the California Museum of Science and Industry
Senior Division
First Place: S0816 Brent R. Shockley
Second Place: S1221 James T. Wedewer
Junior Division
First Place: J0114 Taylor B. Ettema
Second Place: J1427 Tarja P. Rechsteiner
Senior Division
First Place: S0507 Patrick Nercessian
Second Place: S0504 Jennifer L. Huffman
Third Place: S0503 Terrence D. Cole
Junior Division
First Place: J0512 Karen L. Miller
Second Place: J0517 Brooke F. Underwood, and J0515 Jim Sowerwine Third Place: J0510 Janelle M. Mackenzie
Southern California Health Physics Society
First Place: S1414 Daniel L. Levy
Honorable Mention: S1621 Noam M. Lovinsky
TRW: The Silicon Boule Award
Senior Division: S0607 Joel Fossourier
Junior Division: J1221 Hrach H. Simonian

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