1998 Category Winners in


First Place: S1204
Chirayath, Leila Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Chemosynthetic Bacteria Experimentation
Advisor: Ms. Sarah Baumgart
School: California Academy of Mathematics & Science, Carson

Second Place: S1219
Myers, Kirsten E. Grade 10, Mendocino County
Cyanobacteria and Ultraviolet Radiation
Advisor: Dr. Mills Matheson
School: Willits High School, Willits

Third Place: S1223
Wu, Yufeng Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Study of the Binding Properties of Hu Proteins Through a Rapid E. coli Genetic System
Advisor: Mr. Duane Nichols
School: Alhambra High School, Alhambra

Honorable Mention: S1216
Michaels, Deborah E. Grade 9, Santa Cruz County
Where the Clean Lettuce Grows?
Advisor: Miss Marcia Dunlap
School: Monte Vista Christian High School, Watsonvill

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