2003 Category Winners in
Behavioral Sciences

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First Place: J0334
Tanguay, Christine R. Grade 8, Orange County
The Fantasy of Visual Fusion
Advisor: Mr. Alan Perry
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim

Second Place: J0307
Burke, Tierney R. Grade 8, Ventura County
An Early Screen for Autism: Detection by Measurement of Differences in Visual-Spatial Orienting
Advisor: Ms. Caryn Asherson
School: Pinecrest School, Simi Valley, Simi Valley

Third Place: J0339
Woo, Christopher H. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
The Art of Mendacity: Verbal vs. Written
Advisor: Mrs. Jean Gasca
School: Westchester Neighborhood School, Westchester

Honorable Mention: J0313
Glicksberg, Miriam C. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Is Relative Pitch Inherited?
Advisor: Mr. Frank Phillips
School: Kadima Hebrew Academy, Woodland Hills

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