2003 Category Winners in
Earth Sciences/ Planetary Sciences/ Physical Environments

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First Place: S0612
Suarez, Allison G. Grade 9, Calaveras County
Solving the Mystery of the Penn Mine Wetland
Advisor: Ms. Lorraine Angel
School: Calaveras High School, San Andreas

Second Place: S0615
Wolski, Angeline R. Grade 10, Humboldt County
Burning Questions: The Effect of Fires on Soil Infiltration Rates
Advisor: Mr. Earl Peters
School: Arcata High School, Arcata

Third Place: S0606
Gorish, Casey E. Grade 12, Kern County
Dust Is in the Air
Advisor: Mr. Glenn Harris
School: Burroughs (Sherman E.) High School, Ridgecrest

Honorable Mention: S0605
Foreman, Alan D. Grade 10, Orange County
Are Our Waters Clean? A Study of the Concentrations of the Pollutants Cadmium, Uranium, and Phosphate in Newport Estuary
Advisor: Ms. Barbara Petro
School: University High School, Irvine

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