California State Science Fair
2006 Photographs

View from the east side of the second floor of the main display (first) floor. The center of this photo shows most of the Junior Division Behavioral Sciences projects, while against the far wall at the top of the photo are most of the Junior Division Structures and Strength projects. Click on the photo for a higher resolution view. Individual student and judge identifications are below.
10:22 am

Starting from the lower left and working in a zig-zag fashion we can see most of the Junior Behavioral projects. At the lower left is Benjamin L. Cosman, reading a book. Just above, in black with her back turned to the camera, is Lauren E. Demos speaking with Michelle J. Dewez (left, leaning against the table) and Alyssa C. Dougherty (right). Moving across the aisle to the right and working downwards we see, speaking to the bald headed Junior Behavioral judge, Dr. Walid Soussou, the team of Chiara M. Perez del Campo (in green) and Samantha J. Flattery (completely obscured). The white haired Junior Behavioral judge, Dr. Ken Marton, is speaking with Laura J. Fracchia in blue. Below her, in order are Ben G. Gammage, Miriam L. Gershenson, Katharine K. Gifford, and Anna C. Haines. On the other side of the table, working bottom to top, are Marissa M. Hernandez (in white), the team of Megumi H. Tso (light blue), and Codi L. Hirsch, who is almost completely obscured by the project display. Kyle P. Hoffer does not appear to be at his project display in this picture. Moving up further along the left side of the aisle is Isabel A. Kuhel who is watching the Junior Behavioral judge in blue, Dr. Frances Aoun, speaking with the team of Brian J. Spain (between the judge and Isabel) and Joseph G. Kummerfeld (top). Michelle S. Lau is completely obscured by Brian and Joseph's black display backboard, though Michelle's white backboard is visible. Across the aisle, sitting on the table, is Jonathan J.P. Lee. Below him is Sarah L. Mickelson. After a small gap for a no-show project are, in order, Soham Naik, Danielle M. Noble, and Patrick B. Nordstrom. On the right side of the same table is the white project display backboard of Maria Elena Pino, though Maria is just off-camera. Working up the aisle we can see Tammy Y. Rubin and Andrew W. Satterberg. Next is another (presumably Junior Behavioral) judge, unidentified, (in blue) speaking to Meagan T. Sitzer who is blocked by the project displays, followed by Patrick M. Sullivan. Above him is the display of Joseph A. Taviano, but Joseph does not appear to be present. Across the aisle is another Junior Behavioral judge, Mr. David K. Lee, speaking with the team of Anders A. Young (striped shirt) and Nathan D. Tiangco. Bending down, so that only his black hair is visible next to Nathan's waist, is Jonika M. Weerasekara, followed in order by Benjamin I. Weissman and Shannon E. Whitaker who is speaking with the final Junior Behavioral judge, Dr. Charles D. Woody.

The Junior Structures and Strength projects are visible at the top of this picture. Starting from the left are Omar Espinoza speaking with an unidentified person, Ian K. Flagstad, and Layne M. Francis, speaking with a Junior Structures judge, unidentified, in turban. Next is anonther Junior Structures judge, unidentified, in a black striped shirt, speaking with Kimberly J. Freid followed by Hunter Gasca, Brook Jeang, Huthayfa A. Kahf (sitting in a chair), and the team of Lok W. Lei (left) and Rebecca A. Orr. In the darkness at the end are LeeAnn A. Patrick (sitting on the table) and Zachary A. Selig who appears to be speaking to a Junior Behavioral judge, but the limited dynamic range of the digital image here prevents any further identifications.

Can you help us identify anyone else in this or other photographs in this collection? If so, please write to us at giving the name of the student (or judge) you see and the picture identifier "c8586". Please describe which student you are identifying.

A higher resolution version of this picture is available upon request.

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