2011 California State Science Fair
Science Fair Teacher of the Year — Senior Division

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The award citation at the Awards Ceremony reads:

This year’s Teacher of the Year has been participating in science fairs for over 20 years, even though our recipient is not a science teacher. Both a math teacher and science enthusiast, our recipient believes that “math is the language of science” and likewise, that science makes math more accessible. When teaching math classes, this teacher uses a variety of science-related activities to illustrate mathematical concepts in a more tangible way.

This teacher highly values science, technology, engineering and math subjects, and puts this passion into practice as a member of various professional organizations, including the California Teacher Advisory Council and the California Council of Science and Technology.

This teacher encourages students to find projects they are interested in, and goes above and beyond teaching duties to help students succeed. Our recipient’s first criteria in helping a student select a science fair project is that it “inspire and excite them.” This teacher makes sure that students work to the best of their abilities and pursue their goals.

Please join me in congratulating our Senior Division Teacher of the Year — from Clovis High School in Fresno County — Diana Herrington!

[photo of Diana Herrington]

Diana Herrington was named as advisor on the following project this year: S1117.

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