CSSF Category Awards: 2015

Junior Division


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J2118 — First Place
Ali Zia, Grade 8
Plants Beware! Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Growth of Radish Plants
Advisor: Mrs. Muna Moinuddin
School: Orange Crescent School, Garden Grove, Orange County
J2109 — Second Place
Laura L. Powers, Grade 8
How Does Crumb Rubber Leachate Affect Paramecium?
Advisor: Ms. Sue Greathouse
School: Homeschool, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J2116 — Third Place
Haidyn N. Washburn, Grade 7
Evaluation of Wood Ash Amended Soil on the Toxicity and Longevity of a Pesticide
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Wright
School: Washington Academic Middle School, Sanger, Fresno County
J2113 — Fourth Place
Jasmine P.L. Sinchai, Grade 6
Microwave Oven: A Cooking Companion or a Dangerous Device?
Advisor: Mr. Charles Nelson
School: Bonita Canyon Elementary, Irvine, Orange County
J2108 — Honorable Mention
Laurel B. Norris, Grade 8
Swimming In Sweetness: The Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Daphnia magna
Advisor: Mrs. Elaine Gillum
School: Marshall (Thurgood) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County

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