CSEF Category Awards: 2018
Mammalian Biology

Junior Division


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J1319 — First Place
Shaivi V. Shah, Grade 8
Smartphone-based Eye Exercising Tool to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome Development through Visual Movement Patterns
Advisor: Ms. Jody Dykes
School: Arroyo Vista Middle School, Rancho Santa Margari, Orange County
J1316 — Second Place
Samik Pattanayak, Grade 6
Does Screen Time before Bedtime Impinge the Quality of Your Sleep?
Advisor: Ms. Nivedita Kumar
School: Delphi Academy, Campbell, Santa Clara County
J1301 — Third Place
Sae H. Ackerstein, Grade 7
Madelyn S. Young, Grade 7
Escaping Boats, Wasting Calories: Otter Disturbance in Elkhorn Slough
Advisor: Dr. Sheena Logothetti
School: Mission Hill Junior High School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
J1308 — Fourth Place
Sophia J. Eno, Grade 7
The Influence of Sound on Brainwaves and Mood
Advisor: Ms. Rachel Dragos
School: The Nueva School, Hillsborough, San Mateo County
J1310 — Honorable Mention
Ishan Ghosh, Grade 7
Modeling Kidney Filtration
Advisor: Mr. John Wood
School: Talbert (Samuel S.) Middle School, Huntington Beach, Orange County

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