CSEF Category Awards: 2018
Materials Science

Junior Division


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J1407 — First Place
Alice Feng, Grade 8
Arely J. Sun, Grade 8
The Effect of Mushroom Species and Substrates on the Properties of a Novel Biodegradable Material: Mycelium
Advisor: Mrs. Kristen Morgensen
School: Harker (The) School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J1424 — Second Place
Ava P. Rothenberg, Grade 8
The Decellularization of a Spinach Leaf by Perfusion and Submersion of Detergent Solution
Advisor: Ms. Jerilyn Joel
School: Archer School (The) for Girls, Los Angles, Los Angeles County
J1409 — Third Place
Leia R. Gluckman, Grade 8
Empower Powder: Formulating a Body, Teeth, and Hair Cleansing Powder Made from Ingredients Available in a Refugee Camp
Advisor: Ms. Caryn Asherson
School: Beverly Vista Middle School, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County
J1416 — Fourth Place
Jaden A. Luna, Grade 8
Subsidizing Cement with the Utilization of Bio-Waste Materials to Create a Superior Concrete
Advisor: Mrs. Brianne Fidalgo
School: Washington Academic Middle School, Sanger, Fresno County
J1402 — Honorable Mention
Nikko K. Baird, Grade 7
What Is the Effect of Different Conifer Type Sap Wood in Filtering Bacteria Sized Dye from Water?
Advisor: Ms. Hadeel Abutouk
School: Carden Academy of Almaden, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J1423 — Honorable Mention
Thoya Raman, Grade 7
Improving the Durability of Natural Dyes on Cloth
Advisor: Mrs. Jess Norling
School: Thornton Junior High School, Fremont, Alameda County
J1426 — Honorable Mention
Rayyan T. Talukdar, Grade 7
Bamboo to Use: Making It 100% Biodegradable
Advisor: Mrs. Yasmine Abusaif
School: Granada Islamic School, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County
J1499 — Honorable Mention
Dominique E. Bhatti, Grade 7
Exploring the Physics and Chemistry of Slime
Advisor: Mr. Kenneth Powell
School: Oak Avenue Intermediate School, Temple City, Los Angeles County

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