CSEF Category Awards: 2018
Product Science (Physical)

Junior Division


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J2106 — First Place
Krina A. Ghadia, Grade 8
Counteracting Coffee Stains: Dentifrice Whitening Properties
Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Jimerson
School: Cato (Paul L.) Middle, Bakersfield, Kern County
J2110 — Second Place
Emogene G. Karas, Grade 8
Measuring the Attributes of Different Fabric Weaves
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Giannini (A.P.) Middle School, San Francisco, San Francisco County
J2111 — Third Place
Courtney L. Kelly, Grade 8
The Effects of Fabric Softener on the Flammability of Fabrics
Advisor: Mrs. Sarah Avers
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County
J2109 — Fourth Place
Jibiana Z. Jakpor, Grade 8
Combatting Wildfire Smoke: A Comparison of the Efficacy of Various HVAC Filters
Advisor: Mrs. Karen Jakpor
School: Woodcrest Christian School, Riverside, Riverside County
J2102 — Honorable Mention
Julsie (Juliet) E. Anderson, Grade 6
Current State of Batteries
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Avery Middle School, Avery, Calaveras County
J2112 — Honorable Mention
Dhwani M. Kharidia, Grade 7
Best Shock Absorbing Shoe Sole Material
Advisor: Mrs. Preeti Sundaresakumar
School: Stratford Middle School, Sunnyvale Raynor, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County

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