CSEF Category Awards: 2018

Senior Division


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S0601 — First Place
Hyokyung An, Grade 11
Building a Multilayered Hydrogel Microsphere Crosslinked by Genipin for Controlled Dissolution in Drug Release
Advisor: Ms. Melissa Klose
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles County
S0624 — Second Place
Michael D. Wu, Grade 12
Harnessing Photon Upconversion in a Microfluidic Reactor for Ultra-Efficient, Solar-Driven Photochemical Synthesis
Advisor: Dr. Rachel Steinhardt
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
S0619 — Third Place
Laura Noronha, Grade 10
TiO2 Hollow Shell around Gold Nanoparticles: A More Efficient Photocatalyst
Advisor: Mr. Rashed Aleisa
School: Redlands Senior High School, Redlands, San Bernardino County
S0616 — Fourth Place
Tanya T. Matthew, Grade 12
Synthesizing Inhibitors of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase 1 to Inhibit Glutamine-Dependent Reductive Carboxylation in Tumors
Advisor: Mr. Darren Dressen
School: Los Altos High School, Los Altos, Santa Clara County
S0609 — Honorable Mention
Allyson M. Ee, Grade 12
Albert H. Tan, Grade 11
Analyzing Electrochemical Effects of Ni Substitutions on Iron Silicate Compounds
Advisor: Ms. Melissa Klose
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles County
S0614 — Honorable Mention
Ananya Karthik, Grade 11
Developing Phase Change Nanoparticles for Focused Ultrasound Induced Targeted Neuromodulatory Drug Release
Advisor: Dr. Raag Airan
School: St. Francis High School, Mountain View, Santa Clara County
S0618 — Honorable Mention
Dang Khoa Nguyen Ngoc, Grade 10
Investigating the Effects of Various Energy Sources on Electrochemical Cells' Potentials
Advisor: Dr. Gian Grant
School: St. Anthony High School, Long Beach, Los Angeles County
S0620 — Honorable Mention
Sasha L. Ronaghi, Grade 10
Designing a Water Repellent and Breathable Material for Wound Dressings Using Nanotechnology
Advisor: Mr. Michael Chu
School: Sage Hill High School, Newport Coast, Orange County
S0621 — Honorable Mention
Jaskirat S. Sandhu, Grade 11
Lydia E. Xu, Grade 10
Fabrication of Nanoscale PDMS Wrinkles with Controlled Periodicity for Anti-Counterfeit Application
Advisor: Mrs. Michele Hampton
School: King (Martin Luther, Jr.) High School, Riverside, Riverside County

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