CSEF Project Listings: 2019
Earth & Environmental Sciences

Junior Division

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Essey T. Afewerki, Grade 7 portrait
Effect of Fire on Soil
Advisor: Dr. Teamrat Ghezzehei
School: Hoover (Herbert) Middle School, Merced, Merced County
Farah Z. Aswad, Grade 7 portrait
Growing Algae in Different Conditions
Advisor: Ms. Najwan Naserelddin
School: Bright Horizon Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
Luke R. Billingsley, Grade 7 portrait
Trevor W. Buti, Grade 7 portrait
Waters of Change
Advisor: Mrs. Makenzie Neves
School: Mount Saint Mary's Academy, Grass Valley, Nevada County
Cameron J. Conner, Grade 6 portrait
Does Air Quality at Schools Near the Freeway Make the Grade?
Advisor: Ms. Maryam Aliari
School: Highland Academy Charter School, Beaumont, Riverside County
Sean T. Coontz, Grade 7 portrait
Which Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharges More Microfibers into Humboldt Bay?
Advisor: Mr. Nicholas Dedini
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside, Humboldt County
Julia K. de Andrade, Grade 7 portrait
Which Surface Is the Most Reflective?
Advisor: Mrs. Chelsea Humkey
School: All Hallows Academy, La Jolla, San Diego County
Adam L. Esch, Grade 7 portrait
Grace Z. Millikin, Grade 7 portrait
Lichen Diversity: An Environment Indicator of Air Quality
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County
John H. Gerving, Grade 8 portrait
Predicting Wildfires with Neural Networks: An Approach to Preventing California Wildfires
Advisor: Mr. Nicholas Dedini
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside, Humboldt County
J0909 — Honorable Mention
Abigail W. Goodman, Grade 7 portrait
Stay Cool under Fire: Can Pre-moistening Soil beneath a Prescribed Burn Site Reduce Soil Temperatures?
Advisor: Mr. Ron Goodman
School: Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
J0910 — First Place
Reshma Kosaraju, Grade 7 portrait
Application of Meteorological Data to Predict the Chances of a Forest Fire Using Machine Learning and Neural Networks
Advisor: Mr. Hari Kosaraju
School: Harker (The) School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Rebecca A. Kyo, Grade 8 portrait
What Is the Effect of Mixing Sand with Soil on the Moisture of the Soil?
Advisor: Mrs. Joanne Ramirez
School: Hale (George Ellery) Middle School, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County
J0912 — Second Place
Charles O. Luke, Grade 8 portrait
Shedding of Polymeric Microfiber Particulate from Synthetic MTLs: Dryer Emissions as a Source of Environmental Pollution
Advisor: Mrs. Ruth Gramajo
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Highly Gifted Magnet Middle School, Tarzana, Los Angeles County
Ethan D. Luu, Grade 8 portrait
Sophie Wang, Grade 8 portrait
A Catastrophic Pacific
Advisor: Mr. John Briner
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim, Orange County
Solveig I. Lyssand, Grade 7 portrait
The Effects of Changing Heights and Locations on Air Pollution Levels
Advisor: Mrs. Alisa Coan Ross
School: South Bay Elementary, Eureka, Humboldt County
Madeline H. Manriquez, Grade 7 portrait
What Materials Last Longer in Wave Erosion?
Advisor: Mrs. Marilyn Reed
School: Nazareth School, San Diego, San Diego County
Sofia C. Mendonca, Grade 6 portrait
Energy Production in a Soil Microbial Fuel Cell Using a Variety of California Soils
Advisor: Ms. Pam Cruz
School: Clovis Elementary School, Clovis, Fresno County
Holden F. Moreno, Grade 8 portrait
The Effect of Varying Air Pressure on the Fluidity of Different Sand Types
Advisor: Mrs. Shannon Harris
School: Jefferson (Thomas) Middle School, Wasco, Kern County
Erin T. Murray, Grade 7 portrait
Which Beach Has More Toxic Phytoplankton?
Advisor: Mr. Donald Geising
School: Classical Academy Middle School, Escondido, San Diego County
Ellie G. Naftaly, Grade 8 portrait
Does Dirt Drain?
Advisor: Ms. Laura Ulvaeus
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County
Rishank Pillay, Grade 7 portrait
Comprehensive Study of Tiday Pool Populations
Advisor: Mr. John Briner
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim, Orange County
J0921 — Third Place
Margherita F. Scussat, Grade 8 portrait
Impact of Rainfall on the Salinity and Water Level of Groundwater Wells
Advisor: Mr. Brad Penkala
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, Santa Barbara County
Fabilu D. Tattersfield, Grade 8 portrait
Is There Water Contamination in Three Rivers, CA?
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Sherwood
School: Three Rivers Union School, Three Rivers, Tulare County
Kyle P. Tianshi, Grade 7 portrait
Detecting Invisible Particles in Water Using Laser Microscopy and Image Processing
Advisor: Mrs. Melissa Mayne
School: Cambridge School (The), San Diego, San Diego County
Amelia D. Totten, Grade 7 portrait
Does Air Pollution Affect Ocean Life?
Advisor: Mrs. Rodora Antonio
School: Our Lady of the Assumption, Carmichael, Sacramento County
J0925 — Fourth Place
Jason C. Wang, Grade 8 portrait
Big Data Analysis of Climate Change: Extreme Temperature, Rain, Snow, and Ice Trends
Advisor: Mrs. Jessica Renault
School: Suzanne Middle School, Walnut, Los Angeles County

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