CSEF Project Listings: 2019
Behavioral & Social Sciences

Senior Division

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Luke T. Anderson, Grade 10 portrait
Lights, Camera, Action-Reaction: Sympathetic Nervous System Response to Action Movies across the Decades
Advisor: Mrs. Victoria Acquistapace
School: De La Salle High School, Concord, Contra Costa County
Mayra Arellano, Grade 12 portrait
Red Pill or Blue Pill? How Age Impacts Confirmation Bias
Advisor: Mr. Jeffery Adkins
School: Deer Valley High School, Antioch, Contra Costa County
Gabriel G. Bacon, Grade 11 portrait
The Effects of Demand Characteristics on a Survey
Advisor: Ms. Karen Reynosa
School: Ventura High School, Ventura, Ventura County
Diogenes Angelo D. Bernal, Grade 10 portrait
Erin C. Hoffman, Grade 10 portrait
The Relationship between Deception and Altruism amongst Teens of Different Economic Status
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Valle
School: St. Bonaventure High School, Ventura, Ventura County
Diego Borgsdorf, Grade 11 portrait
Sarah E. Shapiro, Grade 10 portrait
Sarah S. Tran, Grade 11 portrait
The Language of Extremism: A Socio-Linguistic Analysis of Nationalist Content in the Context of Linguistic Purism
Advisor: Ms. Tripti Shah
School: Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, Los Angeles County
Noelle R. Brem, Grade 10 portrait
Aika S. Onitsuka, Grade 10 portrait
Jocelyn Reyes-Ordaz, Grade 10 portrait
Which Accent Is More Appealing to Americans?
Advisor: Mrs. Shahida Merchant, Ms. Sarada Sinha
School: Salinas High School, Salinas, Monterey County
S0407 — Second Place
Sean Cai, Grade 10 portrait
Analyzing Stratified Ethical Behavior at Executive Levels Using Shareholder Regression Models and Firm Value
Advisor: Mrs. Elaine Gillum
School: Scripps Ranch High School, San Diego, San Diego County
S0408 — Third Place
Brianna M. Camero, Grade 12 portrait
Bhjan Kaur, Grade 12 portrait
Erudition Identification: Using Computer Science to Find Literacy Levels
Advisor: Mr. Mike Brasier
School: Ridgeview High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Anna Chang, Grade 12 portrait
Study Jams: The Effect of Words in Music on Reading Comprehension
Advisor: Ms. Kimberly Lee
School: Pinole Valley High School, Pinole, Contra Costa County
Nathan W. Chiu, Grade 9 portrait
Swasti Jain, Grade 9 portrait
Joe J. Lin, Grade 9 portrait
The Design and Construction of a Patch with an Application for People that Alerts the User When They Are Slouching
Advisor: Mr. Isaac Pallone
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Elizabeth S. Enad, Grade 10 portrait
Angelheart S. Rogel, Grade 10 portrait
Myers Briggs and Behavior Prediction
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Callaway
School: Hueneme High School, Oxnard, Ventura County
S0412 — First Place
Audrey Y. Ha, Grade 9 portrait
Fostering Racial Tolerance in High Schools: Researching Correlations between Tolerance, Activities, and Demographics
Advisor: Ms. Rachel Richards
School: Menlo-Atherton High School, Atherton, San Mateo County
Mahum Khan, Grade 10 portrait
Practice Makes Permanent: How Does Repetition Affect the Human Ability to Adapt to New Forms of Writing?
Advisor: Mr. Faisal Khan
School: Portola High School, Irvine, Orange County
Kaelyn S. Luebke, Grade 9 portrait
Personal Comfort and Therapy System (PCATS): Wearables and Jedi Mind Tricks
Advisor: Ms. Jessica Valera
School: Aragon High School, San Mateo, San Mateo County
S0415 — Fourth Place
Arjun R. Neervannan, Grade 11 portrait
Combating Cyberbullying and Toxicity by Teaching AI to Use Linguistic Insights from Human Interactions in Social Media
Advisor: Mr. David Knight
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
Pranav Patil, Grade 11 portrait
Determining the Effectiveness of Video Games in Cybersecurity Education
Advisor: Mr. Frank Liao
School: Del Norte High School, San Diego, San Diego County
Harshini N. Ravi, Grade 9 portrait
Harshita N. Ravi, Grade 9 portrait
The STEM of the STEM Gap: Exploring the Gender Gap in STEM
Advisor: Mr. Eddie Hammon
School: Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Gabriel P. Reder, Grade 11 portrait
Arbitrary Altruism Actions' Effects on the Possible Downturn of Aggression on Subjects with Contrasting Spectrums
Advisor: Dr. Sean Gillette
School: Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley, San Bernardino County
Aubrey L. Robinson, Grade 10 portrait
A Study of Connections between Synesthesia and Creativity
Advisor: Mrs. Mary D'Amour
School: Adams (John) Academy, Roseville, Placer County
Katelyn Santa Maria, Grade 9 portrait
Lorelei Santa Maria, Grade 9 portrait
Can We Psyche You Out? The Study of the Effect of Positive and Negative Encouragement on Physical and Mental Activities
Advisor: Mr. Ryan Lewis
School: Science Academy STEM Magnet (The), Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles County
S0421 — Honorable Mention
Sophia A. Santoso, Grade 10 portrait
What Effect Does Smartphone Usage Have on High School Students?
Advisor: Mr. Matthew Schiller
School: Polytechnic High School, Riverside, Riverside County
Shay Nair Sharma, Grade 10 portrait
The Impact of a Skin Care and Skin Cancer Prevention Lesson on the Knowledge and Behaviors of High School Students
Advisor: Dr. Jasdeep Sharma
School: Franklin High School, Elk Grove, Sacramento County
Vanessa D. Tieng, Grade 9 portrait
Traditional Paper and Pen Testing vs. Progressive Online Computer Testing
Advisor: Mr. Paul Hunt
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park, Orange County
Caneel M. Young, Grade 11 portrait
Is Lactobacillus rhamnosus the Solution to Anxiety Relief?
Advisor: Mr. Ariel Haas
School: Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
S0425 — Honorable Mention
Rhitishah Yuva Raju, Grade 11 portrait
The Reduction of Stress: A Novel Digital Intervention Method Utilizing Neural Oscillation Analysis & Scanning Techniques
Advisor: Mrs. Kelly Colleen
School: Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, Sacramento County

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