2020 California Science & Engineering Fair
Applications Received

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Applications have been received from each of the students on the list given below. If you have recently submitted an application through this web site but do not find your name listed here yet, check the timestamp at the bottom of this page. See also the list of “Recent Applications” at the bottom of the page. All active applications are listed below. Names of students whose applications were not accepted have been removed.

Please note that application fees and the other forms listed below may have been received in the mail room of the California Science Center within the past three business days without yet showing up as blue dots below owing to the different locations receiving and recording each item.

Listings are grouped by fair. The fair you identified on your application is the one under which you will find your name initially. Usually, this is the correct fair. However, if you selected the wrong fair on your application, your name will be moved to the correct fair as we reconcile each application against affiliate qualification lists.

Some applications may be accepted before all required elements have been received. Therefore, acceptance does not mean that your application is complete. All dots must be blue before you will be allowed to set up your project display for judging.

See also:
List of qualified students.

Explanation of Color Codes

All five dots next to your name must be blue before you will be permitted to set up your project display at the Fair.

First Dot -
Application Fee
Second Dot -
Signature Card
Third Dot -
Research Certification Form
Fourth Dot -
Professional Help
Fifth Dot -
  • A blue dot shows that the Application Fee has been credited.
  • A red dot means that the Signature Card has not been received.
  • A blue dot means that the Signature Card has been received.
  • A blue dot means that one of the above has been received.
  • A red dot means that your project was done in a professional research environment and you have not yet submitted a copy of the required ISEF form 1C.
  • A blue dot means that this requirement has been satisfied.
  • A hollow black dot means that no decision has yet been made on your application.
  • A blue dot means that your application has been accepted.

Each fair has its own Decision Date.

Applications by Affiliated Fair

No applications have yet been processed into the red dot/ blue dot phase. That will change in the next few days. See "Recent Applications" below.

Recent Applications
Afewerki, Essey
Alvarez, Rubi
Ayala-Vargas, Esthela
Bandopadhyay, Ayush
Baranwal, Tanish
Bi, Eric
Bishop, Heidi
Ceja, Dayanara
Chen, Curtis
Ganesan, Adithi
Garcia-Salgado, Leonardo
Gonehal, Ishan
Horta, Jeremy
Hse, Andrew
Kaur, Jeewan
Keenan, Nicholas
Khare, Rohil
Klopp, Katelynn
Kwan, Audrey
Ma, Jessica
Martinez, Arnauld
Patil, Anshul
Paunil, Raleigh
Premkrishna, Shrish
Randhawa, Aisha
Sugapong, Evelyn
Tam, Jonathan
Vogel, Jetta
Yoon, Carey
Yu, Garrett

If you think you have submitted an application prior to the time given below and do not find your name listed above, tell us immediately.

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