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Project Display Regulations 2024

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Regulations are modified for the virtual format of 2024

  1. Each project must have a Project Presentation which replaces the usual project display board for in-person fairs. Please see its format requirements and recommendations. The Project Presentation must be submitted withing two days following your Submission Deadline, and in all cases must be provided no later than Thursday, March 30.
  2. Students must be present at their display during the judging period or the project will not be judged. For team projects, at least one of the authors must be present before judging will be allowed. For 2024: each project will have assigned interview times.
  3. Not applicable for 2024.
  4. Not applicable for 2024.
  5. The display of preserved animals is not permitted. Projects may not display photographs of procedures detrimental to the health and well being of vertebrate animals. Photographs of surgical procedures may not be exhibited. Displays may not contain photographs or personally identifying information of human subjects. This applies only to subjects of the study. Photographs of the student researcher and others involved in the project are permitted, so long as no subject's personal data can be inferred from the display.
  6. Not applicable for 2024.
  7. A project display at the California Science & Engineering Fair need not be identical to the display at the County or Regional Fair. The display may be altered to improve the presentation or to incorporate the results of research subsequent to the County or Regional Fair.
  8. All projects must clearly distinguish between the work of the student participant and the work of others. Students participating in a research opportunity in industry, a university, hospital, or institution other than their school, must display only their research. Such students must have the principal research director complete ISEF Form 1C specifying the assistance received and the role and contributions of others in the project. A copy of this form must be submitted as part of the application.
  9. Awards won in previous competitions may not be displayed or announced.
  10. Participants are not permitted to distribute any items to the judges.
  11. Not applicable for 2024.
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