1995 CSSF Special and Recognition Awards

Special Awards

California Shore and Beach Preservation Association
J0501 George H. Abbott
Harbor UCLA Department of Neurology
S1117 Oji A. Oji
Institute for the Advancement of Engineering
S0401 Brandon T. Angell
John D. Isaacs Scholarship
Kimberly Johnson
Woody Woodpecker Environmental Award
Junior Division: J1710 Curtis V. Bruno and Justin A. Stanley
Senior Division: S0603 David J. Brunner

Recognition Awards

American Chemical Society, Coordinating Committee of California Sections
Junior Division: J0430 Tommie Wright
Senior Division: S0499 Janet E. Brennon
American Heart Association, Greater Los Angeles Affiliate
Junior Division: J1311 Kenny A. Rosenblum
Senior Division: S1108 David T. Kan
American Institue of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Junior Division: J0817 Brent Kerns
Senior Division: S0811 Bryan L. Johnson
California Association of Proressional Scientists
J1724 Mary B. Joens-Poulton
Docents of the California Museum of Science and Industry
Junior Division: J0713 Nicholas E. Hinkell
Senior Division: S0809 Kevin P. Hickerson
MOSAIC - California Museum of Science and Industry
S1115 Petros N. Minasi, Jr.
Muses of the California Museum of Science and Industry
Junior Division: J1503 Theresa A. Bridgeman
Senior Division: S1121 Julie T. Tran
Southern California Association of Science Specialists
Junior Division: J0727 Patricia M. Pascual
Senior Division: S0713 Elizabeth C. Strumpell
Southern California Health Physics Society
First Place: S1411 Bich T. Nguyen and Advisor
Honorable Mention: J0304 Ashley R. Minus
TRW: The Silicon Boule Award
Junior Division: J0697 Christopher J. Dumm
Senior Division: S0602 Michael T. Bonham
Junior Division: J1218 Hrach H. Simonian
Senior Division: S0606 Elliot Goldman

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