J0401 Alius, Ashley G. Grade 7, Kern County
Let the Hunt for Vitamin C Begin
Advisor: Mr. Mark Green
School: California City Middle School, California City
J0402 Allison, Danielle R. Grade 8, Orange County
Chromatography: Colors Here, Colors There, Colors Moving Everywhere
Advisor: Mrs. Patricia Salamonson
School: Acaciawood School, Anaheim
J0403 Barsamian, Ashley M. Grade 7, Fresno County
Advisor: Ms. Kristin Keeler
School: Clark (C. Todd) Intermediate School, Clovis
J0404 Bhambi, Akriti Grade 6, Kern County
Hi "C", Why "C": Which Juice is High in "C"?
Advisor: Ms. J. Maxwell
School: Carden School of Bakersfield, Bakersfield
J0405 Boss, Nathan W. Grade 8, San Diego County
Construction and Characterization of a Spectrometer to Detect Metals
Advisor: Ms. Barbara Hirschkoff
School: Standley (William H.) Junior High School, San Diego
J0406 Cendejas, Danae A. Grade 6, San Bernardino County
(2)0 or Not (2)0 About Types of H(2)0
Advisor: Ms. Kimberly Keys
School: Eagle Canyon Elementary School, Chino Hills
J0407 Chakrabarty, Dave Grade 8, Riverside County
Does the Level of MTBE Vary at Different Times of the Day at Lake Perris?
Advisor: Mr. Harry Post
School: Dartmouth Middle School, Hemet
J0408 Chinn-Forbes, Tamra E. Grade 7, Monterey County
Lollipops and Vinegar
Advisor: Mr. Bruce Belknap
School: Pacific Grove Middle School, Pacific Grove
J0409 Clark, Jared J. Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
What Are the Chemical Differences between Santa Barbara's Drinking Water and Bottled Water?
Advisor: Mr. Will Winn
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta
J0410 Davis, Matthew S. Grade 7, San Diego County
The Connection Between Acid Quantity and Electric Output
Advisor: Mrs. Jodi Catano
School: Blessed Sacrament Elementary School, San Diego
J0411 Enriquez, Sam J. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Which Fruit or Vegetable Juices Have the Highest Concentration of Vitamin C?
Advisor: Mrs. Jo Porter
School: Clifton Middle School, Monrovia
J0412 Griffin-Roosth, Josie Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Indigo Dyeing
Advisor: Mr. Daniel Brown
School: Adams (John) Middle School, Santa Monica
J0413 Henriquez, Joseph E. Grade 8, Kern County
Will the Contents in Water Affect Rust?
Advisor: Mrs. Fielding
School: California City Middle School, California City
J0414 Johnson, Abby E. Grade 8, Ventura County
The Effect of Temperature on Crystal Growth
Advisor: Mr. John Long
School: Los Altos Intermediate School, Camarillo
J0415 Kang, Charles Y. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Got Vitamin C?
Advisor: Mr. Chris Johnson
School: Culver City Middle School, Culver City
J0416 Lai, Eric S. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Which Liquid Food Contains the Most Vitamin C?
Advisor: Ms. Kathy Barron
School: Richardson Middle School, Torrance
J0417 Lam, Stephanie S. Grade 7, Fresno County
Fresh Off the Press
Advisor: Mrs. Sharon Collins
School: Kastner (George W.) Intermediate School, Fresno
J0418 Lee, Peter A. Grade 8, Monterey County
Altering the Length of a Sucrose Time Delay
Advisor: Mr. Jack Gafford
School: York (The) School, Monterey
J0419 Lois, Juan A. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
How Do Weather Conditions Affect the Volume and Consistency of a Meringue Cake in Comparison to a Sponge Cake?
Advisor: Ms. Debra Kay Beckett
School: St. Paul the Apostle School, Los Angeles
J0420 Lundberg, Sara G. Grade 8, Orange County
Chromatography: A Method for Identifying Dye Components
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Buck
School: McGarvin (Sarah) Intermediate, Westminster
J0421 Marton, Tanya M. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
How Does Molecular Structure Affect the Properties of Soap?
Advisor: Mrs. Darnisha Shah
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Junior High School, Tarzana
J0422 Miller, Amara L. Grade 6, Humboldt County
Testing for Lead in Arcata's Water
Advisor: Mr. Geoffrey Proust
School: Sunny Brae Middle School, Arcata
J0423 Moseley, Suzanne A. Grade 7, San Diego County
Which Antacid Neutralizes Stomach Acid Best?
Advisor: Mrs. Glenda Poliner
School: La Jolla Country Day School, La Jolla
J0424 Ng, Amy F. Grade 8, Fresno County
Anti-acid Naturally
Advisor: Mrs. Megan Dundas
School: Kastner (George W.) Intermediate School, Fresno
J0425 Rhoads, Allison E. Grade 6, Orange County
How Big Is That Burp or How Much CO(2) Is in That Soda?
Advisor: Ms. Adele Patterson
School: Eastshore Elementary, Irvine
J0426 Riggio, Thomas C. Grade 7, Calaveras County
Raising the Boiling Point of Water
Advisor: Mr. Gary Johnson
School: Toyon Middle School, Valley Springs
J0427 Roth, Jennifer M. Grade 7, San Bernardino County
What Amount of Mineral Solids Are in Different Types of Water?
Advisor: Mrs. Beverly Norris
School: Victor Valley Junior High School, Victorville
J0428 Silva, Alison L. Grade 8, Orange County
Vitamin C in Vegetables
Advisor: Mr. Victor Medina
School: La Paz Intermediate School, Mission Viejo
J0429 Smith, Teiwaz T. Grade 7, Humboldt County
Burning Water as Hydrofoam: Producing Hydrogen in Homemade Electrolysis Cells and Controlling the Combustion Rate
Advisor: Mr. Thomas O'Gorman
School: Trinity Valley Elementary School, Willow Creek
J0430 Tamarkin, Jeremy A. Grade 7, Sacramento County
Electrophoresis: The Molecular Race Track
Advisor: Dr. Roger Cochran
School: Merry Hill Preparatory School, Sacramento
J0431 Tarver, Andrew Grade 8, Fresno County
Film on the Go: A Study of the Effects of Airport Security Screening X-Rays on Kodak Gold Color Print Film
Advisor: Mrs. Marla McDowell
School: Clark (C. Todd) Intermediate School, Clovis
J0432 Tom, Chris E. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
The Vanishing Vitamin C
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Soule
School: Brightwood Elementary School, Monterey Park
J0433 Wandro, Danny R. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Rocks That Can Change the pH of Rivers
Advisor: Ms. Deborah Trimble
School: St. Charles School, San Carlos
J0434 Wehrman, Kether D. Grade 8, San Diego County
What Is the Purest Form of Drinking Water in My Community?
Advisor: Mrs. Holly Eaton
School: Pershing (John J.) Middle School, San Diego
J0435 Weir, Christina M. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Are Natural or Synthetic Dyes More Fade Resistant?
Advisor: Mrs. Jean Gasca
School: Westchester Neighborhood School, Westchester

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